A style for all occasions

    Want to count the ways to get great hair styles with care? The SalonMultistylist 13 in 1 has five versatile ceramic styling attachments that give you straight or crimped hair, big or natural curls and ringlets. See all benefits


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A style for all occasions

SalonMultistylist 13-in-1

  • Crimper for added texture

    Crimper for added texture

    This attachment gives your hair a great funky texture.

  • Cool tip for easier and safer use

    Cool tip for easier and safer use

    The tip of the styler is made from a special heat insulating material to keep it cool; you can safely hold it while you're styling for optimal ease of use.

  • Salon length 3 m power cord for maximum flexibility

    The longer length results in improved flexibility and ease of handling, so you can use it anywhere you want.

  • Included: hairclips for easy styling

    Use the hairclips to make sections, this will help you to style all your hair easily.

  • Heat resistant pouch

    This Heat Resistant pouch is perfect for styling on the go. Forget waiting for your styler to cool down. Simply store using the heat resistant pouch included.

  • Included: Brush for smooth hair

    Use this high-quality brush to detangle and smooth the hair cuticles to give that extra shine to your hair.

  • Large curling tong for big curls

    If you want to create beautiful curls or waves, you need this large curling attachment with a large sized diameter.

  • Small curling tong for tight curls and ringlets

    If you want to create tight curls or ringlets, you need to use a curling iron with a small diameter.

  • Straightener attachment to create beautiful sleek hair

    The Ceramic plates glide effortlessly through your hair, giving you perfect straight and shiny hair.

  • Conical curling tong

    With the conical curling tong you can create different types of curls and waves: from tight ringlets to loose, natural looking curls and waves.

  • UltraGliss Ceramic

    For gentle gliding and a smooth shiny finish

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