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    Connect these multimedia speakers to any PC, MP3 or CD player and instantly create your own 5.1 surround sound system. The superb bass is easily adjustable and you can set the speakers up on your desk or on the wall to get that perfect sound.

    Product features

    • Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a powerful, deeper bass

      Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers a deep bass experience from a compact loudspeaker box system. It differs from a conventional loudspeaker box system in the addition of a bass pipe that is acoustically aligned to the woofer to optimise the low frequency roll-off of the system. The result is deeper controlled bass and lower distortion. The system works by causing the air mass in the bass pipe to vibrate like a conventional woofer. Combined with the response of the woofer, the system extends the overall low frequency sounds to create a completely new dimension of deep bass.

    • Bass boost technology with level control

      Unique subwoofer design produces a much deeper, richer bass. You also have the option to set the bass level to your choice.

    • Perfect for MP3, PC, TV, CD and more

      Connect your speakers to all your gear. A great way to listen to your MP3 player, PC, TV, CD, DVD and all your multimedia stuff.

    • Attractive high gloss finish

      High-gloss 'Piano black' finish looks simply superb in both classic and modern interiors.

    • Additional headphone connection for personal listening

      This speaker system features an additional headphone connection. Connect your own headphones for a more personal listening experience whenever you want it.

    • Magnetic Shielding eliminates computer screen distortion

      Because the powerful magnets in speaker drivers are magnetically shielded, there is no danger of image distortion or damage when placed close to your PC monitor screen.

    • Unique direct MP3 input via your RC

      Thanks to the unique direct MP3 input on the remote control you can easily listen to your MP3 player. Simply connect the audio output of your MP3 player to the 3.5 mm jack on the remote control and enjoy your music.

    • Plug and Play for easier installation

      Plug and Play gives you the ability to install or add a new component and have it work without having to perform any complex installation procedures or technical analyses.

    • Remote volume control for convenient sound adjustment

      The handy wired remote control allows you to set the volume level at your finger-tips.

    • Wooden housing for quality bass reproduction

      The housing of the subwoofer is made from wood, giving it superior stability and acoustic performance.

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