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    How to clean a humidifier

    Humidifiers work hard to keep your comfortable, so it’s only natural to want to make sure they’re well maintained. Cleaning humidifier parts regularly will not only ensure that they work well, but it’ll also prolong their life too. And that means you can control the humidity in your home more efficiently. Below, we’ll explore how often to clean humidifier and the best way to clean humidifier parts so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits.

    How to clean a humidifier – general do’s and don’ts

    Before we dive into the detail of what you need to do to clean and disinfect humidifier parts, there are a handful of general rules to follow – the do’s and don’ts of cleaning humidifiers. And these are some of the main ones:


    • Always unplug before cleaning a humidifier
    • Always read the instructions
    • Don’t use abrasive cleaners
    • Refresh and dry the base and tank daily
    • Check cartridges and filters regularly (following manufacturer’s instructions)

    How often to clean humidifier

    How often to clean humidifier

    The main reason you’ll want to learn how to clean a humidifier is because of the potential for bacteria to build up. Once your humidifier itself becomes a little unhygienic you run the risk of that getting into the air. But how does that bacteria build up? The main culprit is stagnant water, which can easily collect if your machine isn’t cleaned regularly. An effective humidifier like the 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Humidifier Series 3000i can help stop bacteria being carried around in the air.

    Whether or not you know the ins and outs of how a humidifier works, you should always follow the manufacturer’s guide. But when it comes to cleaning, a good rule of thumb is to disinfect humidifier parts at least once a week. You may need to clean humidifier filter, tank and base more frequently if you see a build-up of deposits or grime.

    How to clean a humidifier – step-by-step

    Once you’ve unplugged your humidifier and disassembled any parts, as per the manual’s instructions, you’re ready to get on with the cleaning! First up, you’ll need to following:


    • White vinegar
    • Bucket
    • Water
    • Soft brush
    • Cloth

    Equipment gathered, now onto cleaning away the grime with this step-by-step guide:


    1. Pour in enough vinegar to make sure that the entire tank is wet. As always, check the instructions. Neat vinegar will be stronger at breaking down deposits, but some manufacturers advise mixing with water.
    2. Soak any other removable parts in a bowl or bucket of vinegar for up to half an hour, at the same time as the tank.
    3. Empty the vinegar from the tank and use a soft brush to scrub away any remaining mineral deposits.
    4. You can use the brush on the smaller parts too, or wipe down with a cloth.
    5. Rinse thoroughly and dry, unless disinfecting.

    What you need

    How to disinfect humidifier


    The above method will thoroughly clean your appliance, but if you want to know how to disinfect humidifier you’ll need to use bleach or 3% to 6% hydrogen peroxide, and wear rubber gloves:


    1. If you’ve ever cleaned your humidifier using vinegar before, be very careful to ensure that all parts are thoroughly rinsed of all traces of vinegar, to prevents any dangerous mixing of chemicals.
    2. Make a cleaning solution of a gallon of water and 1 tsp of bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
    3. Pour the solution into the tank and carefully swish around to ensure all surfaces are wet.
    4. Let it sit in the base and leave to soak for around 15 minutes.
    5. Rinse thoroughly. You may need to do this several times until the smell of your cleaning solution has dissipated.
    6. Leave to dry completely, put everything back together, and fill with clean water.

    The best way to clean humidifier filters


    When it comes to the filter, just do the following:


    1. Pour approx. 3 litres of water into a bucket and add around 250ml of white vinegar.
    2. Submerge the filter and let it soak for half an hour or so. That should loosen any grime, and a quick swish every few minutes will help it along the way.
    3. Remove, rinse thoroughly under running water, and leave to dry before replacing.

    From do’s and don’ts to disinfecting and getting a clean humidifier filter, you’re now clued-up on the whole process. Just set reminders in your calendar to clean your humidifier regularly and help keep the air in your home healthy!

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