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    Ironing and folding a fitted sheet made easy

    There’s nothing quite like jumping into a bed of fresh sheets. The best ingredient for making up a snug bed? Crisp, perfectly ironed and folded linen. Plus, ironing and folding bed sheets not only gives you the good night’s sleep you deserve, but wrinkle-free sheets also make for ideal organisation and linen storage. If you want to know how to iron and fold a fitted sheet, here you’ll learn the art of ironing and folding a fitted sheet so that every night feels like a stay at a luxury hotel!

    The benefits of ironing bed linen

    If you wash your bed linen at less than 60 degrees, it could still harbour bacteria, bad odours and dust mites. Ironing will help to eliminate these little nasties.

    If you or your loved ones have skin allergies, washing bed linen at high temperatures and then using the power of steam to remove any remaining mites or bacteria can help. And if anyone’s ill, whether that’s with a cold or something that might be passed on, it’s also a good idea to hot wash and steam iron bed linen. 

    Another plus is that ironing can make some fabrics feel softer, as well as smoother against the skin.

    How to fold sheets: tips for ironing bed linen

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    Before learning how to fold bed sheets, there is one important step to guarantee optimal comfort and closet organisation: ironing. Freshly ironed sheets make all the difference in the world when it comes to the quality of folded bed sheets, so don’t skimp out on this step! Here are some tips to get the most out of your ironing.



    Remove your sheets from the dryer while they’re still slightly damp.


    Fold the bed sheets lengthwise into quarters, so that opposite corners are aligned. Folding a fitted sheet lengthwise will prevent creases from being visible once you make your bed.


    Carefully iron the two corners at the top of the sheet, and then move on to the centre of the sheet.


    After you’re finished with the top part of the sheet, fold it again, but now horizontally, so that the bottom corners align with the top ones.


    Iron the folded sheet the same way as described in point 3.


    A good iron is an essential tool when learning how to fold sheets. So choose one that will tackle even the most stubborn of creases with ease, such as the Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus steam generator. With its DynamiQ smart sensor, this iron knows exactly when to deliver the most powerful steam to get rid of inevitable wrinkles and creases even on delicate fabrics like silk, making your job a lot easier.


    Once you’ve ironed your sheets to perfection, you’re ready to learn how to fold a fitted sheet. 

    How to fold bed sheets and  how to fold a fitted sheet


    Choose a flat surface like a mattress or a kitchen table to fold the sheet on.


    Fold the sheet in half vertically so that all corners match together.


    You should have one long panel of fabric, which you can then fold into a square-shape.


    If you’re dealing with a fitted bed sheet with an elastic band, tuck the elastic corners into each other so that they’re bound together and don’t separate.

    Understanding how to fold sheets is key to ensuring a five-star snooze every night. And voila! You now know how to fold a fitted bed sheet so it will stay wrinkle-free and fresh in cupboards for weeks to come. With these tips on how to iron and fold a fitted sheet, you’ll enjoy an organised linen drawer and a cosy bed in no time. Pleasant dreams!

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