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    Winter trend watch: how to get natural, bouncy waves

    The party is season around the corner, which means mastering your festive hairstyle while battling the drying effects of central heating. Luckily, help is at hand. This winter’s top trend is all about sleek waves in hair that are big on healthy shine – but that doesn’t have to mean frazzling your locks. Here, the experts at Philips show you how to get loose waves with maximum bounce and minimum heat damage in three easy steps.
    Prep for success

    1. Prep for success


    When we think about how to get wavy hair, we picture a long, drawn out routine involving lots of products, styling tools and time. But the key to winter’s sleek, smooth, wavy hair is to minimise the amount of heat and product you use. Start off by washing your hair as usual, and then tousle through a little curl serum or mousse, avoiding the roots. Steer clear of sea salt spray and other texturising products: we’re going for soft and bouncy not messy and crunchy.

    Blow-dry for extra body

    2. Blow-dry for extra body

    Want to know how to make waves in your hair by blow-drying, but without stripping moisture? You’ll want to economise on the heat you use with a hairdryer designed to minimise the heat and maximise shine, like the DryCare Advanced . Its ThermoBalance intelligent sensor does all the hard work for you, automatically monitoring and altering the temperature. This helps avoid over-drying, and means your hair cuticles retain their moisture and your scalp stays healthy.


    To boost the volume of your waves use the diffuser head for extra body, and enjoy a relaxing massage while it does its thing to reduce the frizz. Its asymmetric pins are perfectly shaped for your head, and they help to tease out natural waves in hair while adding bounce.

    Add those finishing touches with a smoothing curler

    3. Add those finishing touches with a smoothing curler

    Now onto the styling tools, to take your smooth, wavy hair to the next level. There are more ways to minimise heat damage in this step too. Reducing your curling time makes a big difference, as does temperature. That’s where our super easy-to-use StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler gets two big ticks. Its longer barrel and smart curling system protects your hair and keeps it healthy by automatically curling more hair in one go. You’ll save time and save your precious strands from a lengthy curling session.


    You’re in control of the heat too when creating waves in hair with the Auto Curler, thanks to its three temperature settings that perfectly suit every hair type. You’ll still get that lasting curl, but at a more caring temperature. The unique open design follows the natural flow of your hair, and gently curls it around a protective ceramic coating with keratin infusion. The vertical curl guards give you peace of mind that your hair will curl with no stress and less chance of jamming. You choose your best angle, with the option to curl in three directions. Go with ‘automatic’ for that natural look.

    Creating waves in hair can really be as simple as that!

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