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    My arm hurts after a measurement, is that normal?

    Published on 2017-07-28

    In order to measure your blood pressure, the circulation in your arm needs to be shut off for a short period of time by the pressure exerted by the cuff. When the air from the cuff is released again blood circulation recovers in the arm, which may lead to a prickling feeling. Both may lead to a painful sensation that typically disappears again after a few minutes.

    Too frequent and consecutive measurements could cause disturbances in blood circulation, injuries, and consequently also a painful sensation. Always wait at least 3 minutes between measurements. This allows your blood circulation to recover.

    If you experience discomfort during a measurement you can always press the on button to release the air immediately from the cuff. Loosen the cuff and remove it from your arm.

    If you have doubts about the sensations that you are feeling, please consult your doctor and contact Philips Consumer Care.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: DL8760/15 .

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