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How do I use the steaming reservoir on my Philips grill?

You can grill with the steam produced by putting liquid in the steaming reservoir in order to prepare tender meat.


Only fill the steaming reservoir with water or alcoholic beverages. Do not add any other liquids, such as oil or marinades. Never use hot water to fill the steaming reservoir to prevent the reservoir from overflowing.

Step 1:

Fill the steaming reservoir with water, wine or another alcoholic beverage and close the lid. Do not fill the reservoir beyond the maximum level indication.

Step 2:

To grill with steam, set the temperature control to setting 4 or 5 and close the glass lid to prevent the steam from escaping.

Step 3:

Let the grill preheat and wait until the indicator light goes out.

Step 4:

Open the glass lid and put the ingredients on the hot grilling plate.

Step 5:

Close the glass lid to ensure that the steam can transfer its flavour to the food and to prevent spattering of fat.

Step 6:

Turn the ingredients on the grilling plate from time to time.

Step 7:

When the ingredients are done to your taste, open the glass lid, remove the ingredients and turn the temperature control back to 0.

Step 8:

Wait until the grill has cooled down before cleaning it.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD6360/20 .

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