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    Air humidifier

    Up to 38 m2, Spreads 99% less bacteria*, Quiet for good sleep HU4811/60

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do the red and blue indicator lights in my Philips Humidifier work?

    Your humidifier is equipped with a built-in humidity sensor. This sensor is connected to a humidity indicator light: the colour of this humidity indicator light shows whether the set target is reached or not.

    Humidity indicator light: blue or red

    When the desired humidity level is reached, the colour of the humidity indicator light is blue. When the humidity level is not reached, the colour of the humidity indicator light turns to red.

    Low water indicator light: red

    There is a float (a floating ball) inside your Philips Humidifier's tank. When the water level gets low, the float activates a water level switch and this will activate the red indicator light.

    Note: sometimes, this floating ball can get stuck and fail to activate the water level switch. When this happens, your humidifier will not display a low water indicator. You can solve this by moving this ball with your hand.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HU4811/60 , HU4803/01 .

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