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    Viva Collection Blender and Juicer

    350 W, 2 speeds, White, Blender HR1845/31


    How can I use the filter?

    Place the filter in the blender jar, place the lid on the blender jar and put the ingredients into the filter through the opening in the lid. Add some liquid (water, milk, etc.), insert the measuring cup in the hole of the lid and switch the device on.

    Preparing the filter for use Place the blender jar with the blade unit interface attached on the motor unit and turn the jar until you hear a 'click' .
    The blender can be placed on the motor unit in two positions.

    • Put the filter in the blender jar.
    • Make sure that the grooves of the filter fit exactly onto the ribs inside the blender jar.

    Using the filter Put the lid on the blender jar.

    • Put the ingredients in the filter.
    • Cut fruits into smaller pieces and soak dried pulses, such as soy beans, before putting them in the filter.
    • Pour water or another liquid (milk, juice, etc.) into the blender jar.
    • Insert the measuring cup into the hole in the lid.

    After using the filter Switch off the appliance and remove the blender jar from the motor unit.

    • Pour out the drink via the pouring lip of the blender jar. Make sure the lid is placed on the blender jar in such a way that the drink can be poured out through the strainer in the lid.
    • Do not remove the lid, the measuring cup and the filter.
    • Make sure that you have assembled the lid in the right position so that the drink is poured out through the filter in the lid.
    • For optimal results, put the jar with the remaining ingredients back onto the appliance and let it run for a few more seconds.
    • Always clean the filter immediately after use.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1845/31 , HR2160/50 , HR2170/50 , HR2000/50 , HR2000/70 , HR2027/70 , HR2024/70 , HR2021/70 , HR2020/70 , HR2009/70 , HR2008/70 , HR2006/70 , HR2004/70 , HR2001/70 , HR2094/00 , HR2094/01 , HR2002/53 . more less

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