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    Series 800 Air Purifier

    Removes 99.5% particles @3 nm, Air quality colour feedback, Up to 49 m2 / 527 ft2, Auto and Sleep mode AC0820/30

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How and when should I clean/replace my Air Purifier's filters and sensor?

    Find out here when and how you should clean or replace the pre-filter, the filters and the quality sensor of your Philips Air Purifier. Note: All images shown below are generic representations only; there can be some differences among specific appliances.

    Sensor, pre-filter and filters in Philips Air Purifier

    When to clean the filters

    The filters (A and B in the image above) are not washable or vacuum cleanable. These filters need to be replaced. Please check your manual to see the replacement indications for your specific purifier model.

    When to replace the filters

    When the filters (A and B in the image above) become dirty, they need to be replaced. Replace the multi-care filter, the activated carbon filter and the HEPA filter when the respective indicators light up. Please check the user manual, as every specific purifier will indicate this in a different way (e.g. some purifiers indicate this with a C7 indicator and other models indicate it with 2, 3 or 4).

    When to clean the air quality sensor

    The air quality sensor (D in the image above) should be cleaned every two months. Please check the cleaning instructions for your specific Air Purifier in your user manual. If you use your Philips Air Purifier in a dusty or high-humidity environment, then please clean it more frequently.

    When to clean the pre-filter

    Your Philips Air Purifier's pre-filter (C in the image shown above) is washable and should be cleaned every month to ensure its optimal functioning. You should clean the pre-filter when F0 is displayed on your air purifier's display. To clean the pre-filter, please follow these steps: 1. Switch off the appliance and unplug it from the wall outlet. 2. Pull the bottom part of the panel (located at the front or at the back of your purifier, depending on your specific model) and remove it from the appliance (see image below). 3. Press the two clips down and pull the pre-filter towards you. 4. Wash the pre-filter under a running tap. If the pre-filter is very dirty, use a soft brush to brush away the dust. 5. Air dry the pre-filter until it is completely dry.

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