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    What to do when the TV reboots or freezes?

    Published on 2019-02-26


    The TV freezes and/or switches OFF and ON randomly.


    Ensure that:

    • The software on the TV is up-to-date. The TV’s functionality can improve a lot when the latest software is installed. Ensure to update the software to the latest version (find the link below this article for further instructions).


    Philips software engineers continuously improve the TV’s stability via software adjustments.
    However, here are a few steps that could stop the reboots:

    1. Unplug all devices

    Unplug all devices connected to the TV. This includes set-top boxes, CI+ modules and hard disks.

    If the TV continues to reboot, leave the devices disconnected and proceed with step 2

    If the reboots have stopped, leave the devices disconnected and proceed with step 3

    2. Restart the TV

    • Unplug the TV from the wall socket for at least 1 minute after the LED light has switched off

    • Switch the TV ON and leave the devices disconnected

    If the TV continues to reboot, leave the devices disconnected and proceed with step 4

    If the reboots have stopped, leave the devices disconnected and proceed with step 3

    3. Exclude the connected devices

    If devices were connected to the TV, they might be a cause of the reboots. To detect the device that might be the cause, follow the steps below and leave the TV ON for a while after reconnecting each device to see if the rebooting continues.

    • Leave the TV ON without any of the connected devices

    • Connect the devices to the TV one by one, monitor the TV behaviour after each device was connected.

    Note: If the reboots start when a specific device is connected, contact the manufacturer of the device for further troubleshooting.

    4. Test a different electrical socket

    Do not use power strips of any kind for this test. Directly connect the power cable of the TV into a different electrical socket.

    Note: make sure the tested sockets are not faulty. Try a different electronic device to verify, for example, if the voltage of the power supply is sufficient.

    5. Contact Philips TV Support

    If the TV will not switch ON after the steps above, contact the dedicated Philips TV Support department.


    To minimize the amount of reboots or freezes of the TV, please take the following into consideration:

    • Limit the amount of remote control commands in a fast sequence. Multiple remote control commands in a fast sequence will be stored in the TV memory and then will be followed-up in the order as they were given. It can cause the TV to respond slow, freeze or even reboot.
    • An app that uses a lot of memory of the TV for buffering (video streaming apps) can cause the TV to reboot or freeze. Ensure a steady, high quality network connection for the use of these apps.
    • An faulty app can cause stability issues on the TV. If an specific app related error message is displayed, try to remove or uninstall the app.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 32PHT4032/05 , 43PFT4132/05 , 24PHT4022/05 , 49PUS6162/12 , 55PUS6162/12 , 49PUS6262/12 , 24PHT4032/05 , 32PFT4132/05 , 32PHT4132/05 , 24PFT5231/05 , 55POS901F/12 , 22PFT4031/05 , 49PFT4131/05 , 43PFT4131/05 , 32PHT4131/05 , 24PHT4031/05 , 65PUS7601/12 , 32PHH4101/88 , 40PFS5501/12 , 32PHT4001/05 , 49PFT4001/05 , 43PFT4001/05 , 32PFS5501/12 , 65PUS6521/12 , 43PUS6401/12 , 49PUS6401/12 , 43PUS6501/12 , 55PUS7181/12 , 55PUS6401/12 , 49PUS7181/12 , 49PUS6551/12 , 49PUS6561/12 , 32PFS6401/12 , 55PUS7101/12 , 55PUS6561/12 , 55PUS6551/12 , 49PUS7101/12 , 43PUT4900/12 , 55PUT4900/12 , 49PUT4900/12 , 55PUS8601/12 , 32PFT6500/12 , 32PFT5500/12 , 48PFT5500/12 , 40PFT6510/12 , 55PUT6400/12 , 50PUT6400/12 , 50PFT6550/12 , 50PFT6510/12 , 40PUT6400/12 , 40PFH4100/88 , 48PFH4100/88 , 32PHH4100/88 , 22PFH4000/88 , 24PHH5210/88 , 24PHH4000/88 , 50PUS6809/12 , 40PFH4109/88 , 55PFT6309/12 , 55PFS5709/12 , 48PFS5709/12 , 40PFS5709/12 , 55PFH5209/88 , 48PFS6609/12 , 55PFS6609/12 , 48PFT5509/12 , 32PHH4109/88 , 55PUS7809/12 , 49PUS7809/12 , 40PFH4319/88 , 32PHT4509/12 , 32PHH4319/88 , 40PFS6609/12 , 22PFH4109/88 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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