Daily Collection Toaster

2 slot, Compact, White beige, Reheat HD2595/01

Frequently Asked Questions

What browning settings should I use with my Philips Toaster?

You should choose the browning settings according to the type of bread you have:

• For dry, thin or stale bread, select a lower setting. This type of bread has less moisture and it will go brown quicker than moist, thick or fresh bread.

• For fruit bread like raisin bread, select a lower setting.

• For higher sugar content bread, select a lower setting.

• For heavier textured bread like rye bread or wholemeal bread, select a higher setting.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD2595/01 , HD2595/91 , HD2628/30 , HD2628/60 , HD2628/40 , HD2586/20 , HD2636/20 , HD2628/22 , HD2628/20 , HD2623/36 , HD2623/55 , HD2623/56 , HD2623/59 , HD2627/20 , HD2627/22 , HD2630/53 , HD2626/20 , HD2626/22 . more less

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