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    SpeedPro Max Stick vacuum cleaner

    360° suction nozzle, 25.2 V, up to 65 min runtime, 2-in-1: vacuum and handheld, TurboPet Nozzle FC6823/61


    My Philips Cordless Vacuum SpeedPro Max has low suction power

    If your Philips Cordless Vacuum SpeedPro Max or SpeedPro Max Aqua has low suction power, please find our troubleshooting advice below.

    The filter is clogged

    If the filter of your Philips Cordless Vacuum SpeedPro Max is dirty, this may affect the performance of your cordless vacuum.

    For optimal cleaning power, please follow the steps below to clean the filter:

    1. Remove the dust bucket from the appliance
    2. Take the filter out from where is located underneath the dust bucket 
    This filter consists of a regular filter and a foam filter. The regular filter cannot be washed. The foam part can be washed with water.
    3. Separate the foam filter from the regular filter
    4. Wash the foam filter with water and wait until it is fully dry
    Note: The foam filter needs to be fully dry before you can place it back in the appliance.
    5. Clean the regular filter by tapping it 
    6. Put the regular filter and foam filter together and place them back into the dust bucket

    The roller brush is stuck

    Dirt or hair can get trapped under the brush of your Philips Cordless Vacuum SpeedPro Max. This may cause the roller brush to get stuck. 

    In order to solve this, please follow the steps below for cleaning the brush of your vacuum cleaner:

    1. Switch off the appliance
    2. Turn the nozzle upside down 
    3. Take the roller brush out by switching the flip (see image 2 below)
    4. Use a pair of scissors to cut the hairs, threads and other dirt that have collected around the roller brush (see image 3 below)
    5. Insert the roller brush back into the nozzle (see image 4 below)

    The dust bucket is full

    If the dust bucket is full, the performance of your cordless vacuum may decrease.
    For optimal performance, follow the steps below:

    1. Switch off the appliance and take the dust bucket out of the appliance
    2. Open the dust bucket 
    3. Empty the dust bucket into the bin
    4. Clean the inside of dust bucket with a damp cloth

    Did these solutions not solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: FC6823/61 .

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