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    Every picture tells your story

    How many digital pictures are hidden on your PC? See, share, organise and relive your memories with Philips PhotoFrame™, the easiest way to display your digital photos in stunning quality - without a PC. See all benefits

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7" LCD, 6.5" v.area, 3:2 frame ratio 7FF2FPA/00 Find similar products

Every picture tells your story

  • Display and manage photos on memory cards or internal memory

    Display and manage photos on memory cards or internal memory

    Memory-Card Manager is a set of two built-in memory card readers and featured software for displaying, editing, storing and organising your memory card photos directly in one, hassle-free step - all without a PC. It accepts two memory card slots: The 1st slot accepts:Compact Flash 1 (CF), while the 2nd slot accepts:Secure Digital Card(SD), SDHC Card, Multimedia Card (MMC), xD card, Memory Stick (MS), MS pro, MS Duo and MS Pro Duo (via adapter), Micro SD card and Mini SD Card (via adapter). They all work as extended memory space - just like PhotoFrame's internal memory.

  • High pixel density for sharp and detailed photo display

    The very best high density screen shows off your treasured photos with the same 'real life' rich detail and vibrant colours as high quality prints.

  • Display all the crisp colours of professional printed photos

    Full colour display brings out the best in your photos with vibrant, real life colours by displaying the same full range of colours found in professionally printed photos.

  • Exquisite materials and finishing add value to your photos

    High quality design and exquisite materials include a solid stylish stand, designer frame and detailed finishing that convey an impression of value and refined taste, adding lustre to the photos displayed on PhotoFrame.

  • Play slideshows, single photo, thumbnails or show clock

    Flexible display modes give you the freedom to display your photos one image at a time, in thumbnail mode for quick, easy searches, or to create a slideshow of your most treasured photos.

  • USB connector for easy photo downloading from your PC

    A USB connector is built into the device for easy and quick downloading photos from a PC.

  • Auto turning display on/off at preset times for power saving

    A timer turns PhotoFrame on and off at the hours you select, reducing energy consumption for the sake of our environment saving up to one third of your PhotoFrame energy costs. Three programmable weekday timeslots along with one weekend timeslot give you flexibility to fit your personal schedule.

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