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car headlight bulb


    car headlight bulb

    Feel safe, drive safe

    Producing up to 30% more vision compared to a standard car bulb, Vision headlight bulbs ensure excellent light-beam performance at a very competitive price with Original Equipment Quality for greater safety and comfort. See all benefits


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Vision car headlight bulb

Type of lamp: HB3, Pack of: 1, 12 V, 65 W 9005PRB1 Find similar products

Make sure the lamp fits your car!

Feel safe, drive safe

Up to 30% more vision compared to a standard lamp

  • Philips is the choice of major car manufacturers

    Philips is the choice of major car manufacturers

    For 100 years, Philips has been at the forefront of the automotive lighting industry, introducing technological innovations that have become standard on modern automobiles. Today, one in two cars in Europe and one in three worldwide is equipped with Philips lighting.

  • Vision bulbs project 30% more light than standard halogens

    Our lighting solutions produce a powerful and precise beam of light with maximum output. The Vision bulbs produce a longer beam for greater safety and comfort. We consistently produce the best, most efficient lighting solutions because we know that our high-quality lighting may one day save a life.

  • Road safety begins with seeing and being seen

    Light is a fundamental part of the driving experience and light is the first and only part of the safety circle that actually helps to prevent accidents. Philips promotes active safety protection to prevent accidents by increasing overall visibility and road illumination.

  • Change both your headlamps at once for more safety

    It is highly recommended that you replace your headlight bulbs in pairs for symmetric light performance.

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