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    Irresistible simplicity

    The DECT1 series is especially designed for users who look for simplicity. This is a great-looking, easy-to-use and reliable phone from a well-known brand at an extremely attractive price. Simply irresistible!

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Irresistible simplicity

  • Complete phone package including a base and 2 handsets

    The unique soft touch feel ensures that the phone lies perfectly within your hand and increases comfort while calling.

  • Free intercom - Free internal calls between handsets

    No need to stop what you are doing and go to give the handset to your son when his friend calls: you can freely and easily call the handset in his bedroom and transfer the call.

  • Phone number display

    The number of the person you want to call is displayed on the telephone display. You can check it before placing the call.

  • Lock your keypad to avoid hitting the wrong keys

    How convenient it is to take your DECT phone with you whilst gardening. But it can get jolted around in your pocket and a key might be pressed by accident. The keypad lock is a safe way to prevent you from inadvertently calling your cousin in the US and avoid unpleasant surprises on your next phone bill!

  • Locate your handset by making it ring when paged

    Instead of looking in every corner of the house, simply call the handset from the base by pressing the dedicated key on the base station and the handset lets you know where it is hiding.

  • Crystal Clear Sound Quality

    The use of digital communication virtually eliminates interference, buzzing and hissing. It improves the intelligibility of messages left on the answering machine and even makes it possible for users to record and reproduce music.

  • Ringtones that sound almost like real instruments

    Instead of the traditional aggressive "buzzer" ringers, instrumental melodies are a more pleasant way to let you know when someone is calling.

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