Unfortunately this product is no longer available

Unfortunately this product is no longer available

Faster ironing - from start to finish

Pressurised steam power with fast-fill water tank

SteamGlide soleplate for powerful steam and superb gliding

This specially designed soleplate combines superior ceramic coating for superior gliding on all fabrics and carefully designed vents for powerful crease removal.

The steam tip lets you iron in hard-to-reach areas

The unique steam tip combines a pointed front soleplate with special steam slots in the tip to reach right into the smallest and most difficult areas, for the best ironing results.

Up to 3.5 bars of steam pressure for fast ironing

Double your ironing speed with pressurised steam. Pressurised steam penetrates deep into fabrics, making your ironing fast and easy, even on difficult fabrics.

Ready to use in 2 minutes

When switched ON, the ironing system is ready for steam ironing in just 2 minutes.

Continuous steam up to 80 g/min

The more steam, the faster the ironing. The unique technology used in the Philips steam generator iron produces powerful steam, making ironing quicker, easier and better.

Water-filling funnel allows fast and easy refills anytime

Filling your iron's water tank has never been faster or easier. Simply open the easy-access lid and pour in the water. The large, funnel-like opening ensures quick, convenient filling without the risk of spillage. And water can be added anytime - before, during or after an ironing session - without having to wait for the iron to cool down.

The steam trigger lock gives steam without needing to press down

The steam trigger lock allows a user the possibility of having continuous steam from the iron, without having to press the trigger continuously.

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