Integrated ironing board


    Integrated ironing board

    Half the effort, maximum reward

    The Philips Wardrobe Care GC9940/05 integrated ironing system offers you effortless ironing from set-up through to storage. An active ironing board is combined with a powerful iron for professional ironing results at home. See all benefits

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  • Half the effort, maximum reward

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WardrobeCare Integrated ironing board

Iconic trolley design, foldable board GC9940/05 Find similar products

Half the effort, maximum reward

Integrated ironing system

  • DualProtect Anti-calc system for hassle-free ironing

    The DualProtect Anti-calc system is designed to keep the system 99% calc-free. This easy to use anti-calc system protects the system from calc and prolongs its lifetime. The double protection is ensured by special anti-calc cartridges that prevent calc from entering the system and an extra rinse cycle once the cartridges are replaced. Double protection, so you can enjoy hassle-free ironing without worrying about calc.

  • Active ironing board with blowing and suction function

    A perfect ironing result made easy. The active ironing board has a fan, which enables a blowing and a suction function. With the blowing function you iron on a cushion of air, which is ideal for light and delicate fabrics, preventing false creases and shiny parts on dark fabrics. The suction function helps to keep the garment fixed on the board, and lets you create the perfect pleat in trousers.

  • Shirt shaped end for easy shirt ironing

    Now you can finally iron a shirt easily. Thanks to the unique board shape with one end especially designed for shirts, ironing shirts will be easy and fast. Shirts fit perfectly around the shoulder shaped board end, so that you will need less rearranging of the shirt on the board. You can iron the back and shoulder area in one go, thereby helping you to save time and effort.

  • Unique OptimalTemp: carefree ironing, no setting required

    The unique and revolutionary OptimalTemp system always has the perfect combination of steam and temperature for all garments, enabling you to remove creases in an efficient and gentle way. Ironing will be peaceful, safe and fast. No need to adjust the temperature or steam anymore, no risk of burning delicate fabrics and no need to wait for the iron to heat up or cool down in between garments.

  • Iconic trolley design with foldable board

    Iconic trolley design with foldable board. The unique design of the Philips WardrobeCare makes it the easiest to set up and store integrated board on the market*. *Tested against leading competitor, SLG, May 2011.

  • Fast ironing: up to 6 bar steam pressure, 120 g/m steam output

    Fast ironing: up to 6 bar steam pressure, 120 g/m steam output

    Fast ironing is possible due to up to 6 bar steam pressure and up to 120 g/min continuous steam output. Thanks to the powerful performance and the OptimalTemp Technology, ironing with the WardrobeCare is faster than other integrated boards on the market.* *Tested against leading competitor, SLG, May 2011.

  • Integrated ironing board with pressurised steam generator

    Integrated Philips ironing board with pressurised steam generator.

  • Vertical ironing and steaming

    Vertical ironing and steaming

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