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    Series 2000 Air humidifier


    Breathe easily, sleep peacefully

    Fill your home with comfortable, clean air. NanoCloud technology humidifies with no white dust or wet spots, and up to 99% less bacteria (1). Moisture is evenly distributed to humidify your whole room effectively.

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    Series 2000
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    Series 2000

    Air humidifier


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    Breathe easily, sleep peacefully

    Humidifies dry air hygienically, day and night

    • Humidifies rooms up to 38 m²
    • 250 ml/h humidification rate
    • Up to 99% less bacteria
    Up to 99% less bacteria with NanoCloud technology (1)

    Up to 99% less bacteria with NanoCloud technology (1)

    Unique NanoCloud technology uses natural evaporation to emit pure water vapour. NanoCloud's ultra-fine mist is invisible to the naked eye and extremely difficult for bacteria or residue to attach to — humidifying the air with up to 99% less bacteria released than standard ultrasonic humidifiers. (1)

    Effective in rooms up to 38 m2 (3)

    Effective in rooms up to 38 m2 (3)

    2 fan speeds and automatic settings deliver the performance and comfort you choose. With an output of up to 250 ml/h, it effectively humidifies any room up to 38 m2. (2,3)

    Even, effective circulation throughout your room

    Even, effective circulation throughout your room

    A 360-degree diffuser distributes humidified air evenly throughout the whole room. Ultra-fine NanoCloud vapour carries further and prevents over-saturation for effective humidification, particularly in larger rooms.

    No white dust or wet floors (4)

    No white dust or wet floors (4)

    NanoCloud's invisible mist does not release white dust or leave wet patches in your room (4). Larger droplets emitted by ultrasonic humidifiers may dampen the surroundings and carry minerals that leave white residue on nearby surfaces. NanoCloud particles are too small to carry minerals, effectively preventing residue and stains.

    Safe, effective and completely natural (5)

    Safe, effective and completely natural (5)

    NanoCloud technology uses natural evaporation, widely recognised as a hygienically safe and effective method of humidification. No ions, chemicals or ozone are used (5) and no water is heated, so there is no risk of burns.

    Sleep mode for quiet nights

    Sleep mode for quiet nights

    Sleep mode minimises noise levels to work quietly and efficiently through the night.

    Smart design for ease of use

    Smart design for ease of use

    A large water tank provides hours of nonstop humidification. Refilling is as simple as lifting off the top. Easy-to-clean design helps keep the humidifier and the air in your home clean and hygienic.

    Technical Specifications

    • Country of origin

      Country of origin
    • Technical specifications

      Cord length
      1.8  m
      Effective area
      38  m²
      Water tank capacity
      2  l
      Sound level
      34  dB(A)
    • Weight and dimensions

      Dimensions of product (LxWxH)
      249 x 249 x 339  mm
      Dimension of packaging (L x W x H)
      310*310*405  mm
      Weight of product
      2.92  kg
      Weight incl. packaging
      4.20  kg
      White and Champagne
      Water tank
      2 L
    • Design and finish

      White, champagne
      Colour of control panel
      Material of main body
      Control panel type
    • Service

      2-year worldwide guarantee
    • Replacement

      Humidification wick
      Replace Humidification filter once every 3 working months
    • Sustainability

      > 90% recycled materials
      User manual
      100% recycled paper
    • Usability

      Manual speed settings
      Cord length
      1.8 m
      Water tank autonomy time (6)
      13 hours
    • Energy efficiency

      Stand-by power consumption
      < 0.5 W
      220-240 V
      Max. power consumption
      15 W
    • Replacement filters

      Humidifier Wick
      FY2401 - Up to 6 months
    • Performance

      Humidity rate (2)
      250 ml/h
      Humidification room size (3)
      Up to 38 m2
      NanoCloud technology (1)
      Up to 99% less bacteria


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    • (1) Compared to standard ultrasonic humidifier modules that do not contain additional technology to reduce the spread of bacteria, as tested by an independent lab
    • (2) Tested by GB/T 23332-2018 in a third-party laboratory. Initial temperature of 23±2°C and relative humidity of 30±2% RH
    • (3) Calculated using AHAM HU-1-2016 clause 7.3 based upon the humidification performance tested according to GB/T 23332-2018 in a third-party laboratory
    • (4) Deposition of minerals on furniture was tested by a third party laboratory over a period of 3 hours according to DIN 44973, IUTA e.V.
    • (5) Tested by GB 21551.3-2010 in a third-party laboratory. Ozone, TVOC, PM10 and UV intensity are below the limits.
    • (6) Calculated based on full 2 L water tank running at speed one with 150 ml/h humidification rate.

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