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    My Philips PowerPro Aqua releases less water than usual

    Updated on 2019-02-19

    This can have several causes:

    Cause: The microfibre pad is not placed correctly

    The microfibre pad covers the strip and blocks the water flow from the strip.

    1. Make sure that the Velcro strips on the mop and the Velcro strips on the water tank are perfectly aligned.
    2. Also make sure the striped side of the mop is facing outwards, away from the bottom of the water tank.
    Correctly placed microfibre pad

    Cause: The wetting strip is blocked by excessive residue

    1. Remove the wetting strip. Rinse it thoroughly and rub it with a dry cloth.
    2. You can also let the strip soak overnight in a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. Rinse thoroughly after soaking and rub it with a dry cloth.
    Removing excessive residue

    Cause: The water tank is empty or nearly empty

    Refill the water tank

    Cause: You have used a microfibre mop that has not been supplied by Philips

    Only use an original Philips microfibre pad. You can buy these microfibre pads from your Philips dealer or in the Philips Online shop under type number: FC8063.

    Philips microfibre mop

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