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    The display of my Philips PerfectDraft beer tap shows errors

    Published on 2021-07-04

    If the display of your Philips PerfectDraft beer tap shows errors, please read the following for possible solutions.

    If you see a green dash on the display (see the image below), make sure that the tap unit of your Philips PerfectDraft is positioned correctly. First, put the tap unit onto the connection top of the keg of your Philips PerfectDraft by pushing it down firmly. If you snap the tap unit onto the keg correctly, it fits nicely between the two keg chimes.

    Tip: If you can move the arm of the connection top freely up and down, the tap unit is placed properly on the keg.

    Tap unit correctly placed

    If there is a green or red dash on the display of your Philips PerfectDraft and the background light flashes (see the image below), remove the tap unit from your Philips PerfectDraft beer tap. Then, clean it and reinstall the tap unit on the keg. If this does not help, try another keg with a new tube.

    Green or red dash on the display

    If the display of your Philips PerfectDraft shows the wrong volume, it is crucial that you open the tap handle completely for the volume indication to function correctly. In case of a power failure or if the appliance has been disconnected from the mains plug, the level indication will be accurate again after you have poured a few glasses of beer.

    If the problem continues, please contact us for further assistance.


    When you contact us, please have available:

    • The exact model number of the appliance (HD36xx)
    • The serial number of your PerfectDraft (you will find it on the bottom of the appliance)
    • The expiry date of the keg
    • The production number of the keg (number under the expiry date)
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