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    There is a noise coming from my Philips Espresso Machine

    Updated on 13 July 2022

    If your Philips Espresso Machine makes loud or strange noises, read below to find more information and possible solutions.

    Water tank is not inserted properly

    It is important to correctly place the water tank inside your espresso machine. If it is not properly placed, it will draw air instead of water.  
    • If the water tank is on the front of the machine, please make sure that it is fully pushed to the back and correctly inserted.
    • If the water tank is on top of the machine, please ensure that there are no coffee beans, dirt or particles under the water tank area.

    Air is trapped into the machine

    If air is trapped in your Philips Espresso Machine, you will hear a loud noise and the water will not be drawn from the water tank into the machine.

    Follow the steps below to solve this:  
    1. Switch your machine OFF.
    2. Empty the water tank and remove the AquaClean (or any other water filter) filter .
    3. Fill the water tank with water and place it back in position.
    4. Switch the machine ON When your machine is heated up, select hot water and dispense two to three cups of hot water.

    If you are using an AquaClean water filter, here are some extra steps to ensure that the filter is properly installed and ready to use: 
    1. Shake the AquaClean water filter for five seconds.
    2. Keep the filter upside down inside a bowl/container filled with water until no more air bubbles appear.
    3. Attach the filter back into the water tank and fill up the water tank with water.
    4. Switch the machine off and on to restart it.
    5. Select the hot water option and dispense two to three cups of hot water.

    Note: We advise replacing your AquaClean water filter every three months to avoid clogging. 
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    Brew group needs to be cleaned and greased

    Normally, your machine will make some noises while brewing your coffee. If the noises it makes are strange or different to usual, cleaning and lubricating the brew group could be the solution. 

    Rinsing the brew group of your Philips Espresso Machine weekly is important. Follow the steps below and watch our video tutorial to maintain your machine:

    1. Turn the machine OFF and wait patiently for any noise to stop and ensure that it is completely off (this takes around 15-20 seconds). 
    2. Open the service door, release the brew group by pressing the "PUSH" button on the right side, hold it and pull it towards you.
    3. Rinse the brew group thoroughly with lukewarm water and let it air-dry before placing it back.
    4. Grease the brew unit (you can follow the instructions in the video below).
    5. Allow the brew group time to air-dry and then place it back into the machine.

    Did these steps not solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance.
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