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    There is no coffee coming out of my Philips Espresso Machine

    Published on 03 April 2024
    If your Philips Espresso Machine is not dispensing coffee, you can find possible causes and ways you could solve the issue below.

    If you notice this during the first time you use the machine, please note that in that case it is normal to only see a few drops of coffee. Once you brew a few more cups, you should then be able to obtain the expected amount of coffee. 
    If your espresso machine is making a loud noise and water is not flowing to the water tank, this is usually caused by trapped air. 
    The following steps will help you solve this:
    1.    Switch OFF your machine
    2.    Empty the water tank and remove the AquaClean filter (or any other water filter your machine is using)
    3.    Fill the water tank with water and place it back in position
    4.    Switch ON the machine again. Once the machine has heated up, select hot water and dispense 2-3 cups of hot water

    If you use an AquaClean water filter, follow these extra steps to make sure the filter is prepared and correctly installed for use:
    1.    Shake the AquaClean water filter for 5 seconds
    2.    Hold the filter upside down in a container/bowl with water until no more air bubbles come out
    3.    Place the filter back into the water tank and fill the water tank with water
    4.    Restart the machine and switch it off and back on
    5.    Select hot water and dispense 2-3 cups of hot water

    Note: Please replace the AquaClean filter if you have been using it for longer than three months. This filter might be clogged if it has been used for more than this period of time.
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    If the brew group is dirty or clogged, this can also cause your espresso machine not to dispense coffee. 
    To prevent this, it is important to rinse the brew group weekly as explained in the following steps (or as shown in our tutorial video).

    1.    Switch OFF your espresso machine. Wait 15 to 20 seconds until it is completely off and does not make any more noises
    2.    Open the service door and remove the brew group. You can remove it by pressing the "PUSH" button on the right-hand side, holding it and pulling it towards you
    3.    Rinse the brew group thoroughly with lukewarm water and let it air-dry before placing it back

    Note: To thoroughly clean the brew group, we recommend that you use Philips coffee oil remover tablets (CA6704).
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    Another reason why no coffee is dispensing could be a clogged dispensing spout. 
    You can clean this by using a pipe cleaner or a needle to get rid of the dirt.
    If the correct amount of coffee grounds is exceeded while using the pre-ground coffee function, this can cause the brew group to be overfilled: the coffee powder will be discarded and the machine will not dispense coffee.

    To prevent this from happening when using the pre-ground coffee function:  make sure the machine is properly switched ON and ready for use before adding pre-ground coffee into the pre-ground coffee compartment. Only use one full scoop of coffee grounds with the spoon provided and remove excess from the top.
    If limescale has built up inside your espresso machine, this could cause a malfunction.
    All Philips Espresso Machines have a dedicated descale indicator, and we advise you to descale the machine as soon as the machine indicates to do so.
    Another possible cause for your machine not dispensing coffee is a clogged pre-ground coffee compartment. 
    If this is the cause, you can fix it by following the steps below or the instruction videos:

    1.    Switch OFF your espresso machine. Wait 15 to 20 seconds until it is completely off and does not make any more noises
    2.    Open the service door and remove the brew group by pressing the "PUSH" button to the right side, hold it, and pull it towards you
    3.    Open the lid of the pre-ground coffee compartment and insert the spoon handle into it
    4.    Move the handle up and down until the clogged ground coffee falls down
    If these solutions do not solve the issue, please contact us for further assistance.
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