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    The drip tray of my Philips Espresso Machine fills up quickly

    Updated on 13 July 2022

    It is normal for the drip tray of your Philips Espresso Machine to fill up quickly. Read below to find out more information on why this happens.

    The automatic rinsing water fills the drip tray up quickly

    Every time you turn your Philips Espresso Machine ON and OFF, brew a cup of coffee or use the milk frother, the automatic rinsing water will run through the internal machine circuit into the drip tray to ensure optimum performance.

    Due to the rinsing function, you may always see some water inside the drip tray or the drip tray might fill up more quickly than expected. However, this does not indicate that the machine is leaking.

    Please empty the drip tray daily or as soon as the red indicator pops up to prevent this.

    Note: If the drip tray is filling up with water overnight or becomes full after brewing two cups of coffee, please contact us for further assistance.

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