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    There is no water flow from the tank in my Philips Espresso Machine

    Updated on 13 July 2022
    Trapped air could be blocking the water supply in your Philips Espresso Machine, and this can be one of the reasons why no water is being drawn from the water tank. Read on to find all possible causes and how to solve the issue.

    The water tank is not correctly inserted

    When the water tank is not fully or correctly inserted, then your espresso machine will not draw water from the tank.
    •    For espresso machines with a water tank on the front of the machine: ensure that the water tank is pushed fully to the back to make sure that it is well inserted.
    •    For espresso machines with a water tank on top of the machine: ensure that the area under the water tank is free from dirt, particles or coffee beans.

    Trapped air

    When trapped air is blocking the water supply, you can follow the steps below to solve the issue:
    1.    Switch OFF your machine
    2.    Empty the water tank and remove the AquaClean filter (or any other water filter your machine is using)
    3.    Fill the water tank with water and place it back in position
    4.    Switch the machine back ON. When the machine has heated up, select hot water and dispense 2-3 cups of hot water

    If you use an AquaClean water filter, follow these extra steps to make sure that the filter is prepared and correctly installed for use:
    1.    Shake the AquaClean water filter for 5 seconds
    2.    Hold the filter upside down in a container/bowl with water until no more air bubbles come out
    3.    Place the filter back into the water tank and fill the water tank with water
    4.    Restart the machine and switch it off and back on
    5.    Select hot water and dispense 2-3 cups of hot water

    Note: Please replace the AquaClean filter if you have been using it for longer than three months. This filter might be clogged if it has been used for more than this period of time.
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    Clogged hot water spout

    This possibility only applies to Philips Espresso Machines with a Panarello or classic milk frother.
    To know if the hot water spout is clogged, remove the outer part of the Panarello/classic milk frother and check if the spout is obstructed with limescale (in this case, you will notice white particles in or around the spout).
    If this is the case and there is a build-up of limescale, then you can use a descaling solution to remove it.

    If the solutions mentioned above do not solve the issue, please contact us.

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