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    Why is smoke coming out of my grill when it is switched on?

    Published on 2022-02-08

    When you use the grill for the first time, it may produce some smoke. This is normal and you can continue using the appliance.

    If you are not using the grill for the first time please check:

    • If there is not too much oil or fat on the grilling plate
      A lot of warm oil or fat causes smoke.

    • If there are no food particles or there is no grease on the other side of the grilling plate
      Make sure the side of the grilling plate you are not going to use is clean and dry before you turn the plate.

    • If there are no burned foods particles on the side of the grilling plate you are using
      Remove excess grease and residues from the plate with a wooden or plastic spatula and push them into the grease tray.

    If the above information did not solve your problem and the grill continues to produce smoke, switch off the appliance and contact the Philips Customer Care Centre in your country.

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