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    My Saeco espresso machine stopped working and lights are flashing

    Is your Saeco espresso machine not working anymore? Do all four lights start flashing on your espresso machine? Find out how to fix this yourself.

    Please identify in which situation all four lights started to flash and try the corresponding solution.

    When using an AquaClean/Brita filter

    1. Remove the filter from the water tank and switch the machine OFF and then back ON again
    2. If the message disappears, the filter was ill-prepared or clogged. Prepare the filter or replace it when used for longer than 3 months.

    All lights switch on directly after the machine has been switched on

    1. Switch OFF the machine.
    2. Remove the water tank and remove any coffee beans located on the bottom of the water tank compartment.
    3. Check whether the steam wand is clogged. Using a needle, remove scale/dirt from the steam wand.
    4. Switch the machine back ON and dispense 2-3 cups of hot water.

    All lights switch on during brewing

    1. Switch the machine OFF
    2. Clean and grease the brew group
    3. Change the grind setting to a courser grind setting (higher number)

    All lights switch on directly after or during descaling

    • Limescale is blocking the system. Switch off the machine for one hour. If the message disappears, descale the machine again

    If this did not solve the issue, please contact us

    The above solutions are not working

    Please contact our Consumer Care Centre to help you out.