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    Philips Avent

    Embrace every challenge, love every moment


    Parenthood is an extraordinary journey. From the moment you find out you're expecting, Philips Avent is there with expert baby advice and products to help you embrace every challenge and love every moment.

      And the adventure begins
      Timeline: Pregnancy
      Timeline: Pregnancy


      A healthy start for a healthy future

      There's so much to get your head around when you're expecting. And a whole lot to be excited about too! From finding out the best foods to eat, to keeping track of how your little one is growing, Philips Avent helps you and your baby have a healthy start for a healthy future.
      Philips Pregnancy+ App

      Pregnancy+  – Your new daily destination

      Get the world's leading pregnancy app.
      Timeline: Breastfeeding
      Timeline: Breastfeeding


      Support for every step of your journey


      Whether you want to develop your milk supply, take care of your breasts, or simply fit more into your day, Philips Avent manual and electric breast pumps and breast care accessories are there to support you.

      Philips Avent breast pumps

      Support for your breastfeeding journey.
      Philips Avent Breast pumps
      Timeline: Bottle feeding
      Timeline: Bottle feeding


      Feeding time without a hiccup


      There's so much joy in seeing your little one grow. Watch those chubby cheeks become rounder with baby bottles that help you combine breast and bottle feeding.

      Philips Avent Natural baby bottles

      Easily combine breast and bottle.
      Philips Avent Natural Baby bottles
      Timeline: Soothing
      Timeline: Soothing


      A world of comfort


      Babies just love to suckle. It's natural and helps them feel calm and comfortable. Give your little one a world of comfort with soothers that feel great in their mouth and promote healthy oral development. 

      Philips Avent soothers

      Help your baby do what comes naturally.
      Philips Avent Soothers
      Timeline: Sleep
      Timeline: Sleep

      Safety and security 

      A strong connection, day and night


      No matter where you are, your little one is always on your mind. Our baby monitors give you a strong connection to your little one so you can respond to their needs right away, or just take a look for reassurance.

      Philips Avent baby monitors

      Stay connected to your baby.
      Philips Avent Baby monitors
      Timeline: Baby food
      Timeline: Baby food

      Toddler feeding

      Nutritious meals made easy


      Feeding time just became a whole lot more interesting, but it doesn't have to be more time consuming. Philips Avent baby food makers help you make easy, nutritious meals for your little one, every day.

      Philips Avent baby food makers

      Healthy food without the hassle.
      Philips Avent Baby food maker
      Meet the Baby+ App

      Meet the Baby+ App

      Get the app that supports you in tracking your baby’s development and allows you to save those special moments forever.

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