Norelco SensoTouch wet and dry electric razor

DualPrecision heads, 2-way flexing heads 1160X/42


How should I clean the shaver after shaving with shaving foam or gel?

Regular cleaning is important to maintain an optimal shaving result.

After every shave:

  1. Rinse the shaving unit shortly under a hot tap.
  2. Then place the shaver in the Jet Clean System.
  3. Start the cleaning program.

Every 2 months:
Clean the shaving heads.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 1160X/42 , RQ1290/23 , 1250X/42 , 1280X/40 , 1280X/42 , RQ1160/21 , RQ1160/22 , RQ1250/21 , RQ1250/22 , RQ1260/21 , RQ1260/22 , RQ1280/21 , RQ1290/21 , RQ1280/22 . more less

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