2-in-1 air purifier and humidifier

Removes 99.97% of 0.3µm particles, Room size: 80 m², particle CADR: 310 m3/h, Humidification rate: 600 ml/h AC3829/60

Frequently Asked Questions

What filters should I use with my Philips Air Purifier?

If you are wondering which filters to use with your Philips Air Purifier, please see if there is an answer to your questions below.

Philips Air Purifier filters

Your Philips Air Purifier comes with multiple filters and will warn you when a filter must be replaced. When one of the filters is almost full and needs to be cleaned or replaced, the appropriate filter replacement light starts to flash to prompt you to replace that filter. That is how you will know which filter to replace.
Please find what filter applies to your Philips Air Purifier here

Depending on the Air Purifier you have, you might see different types of filter replacement alert lights:

A) Purifiers AC400x, AC401x, AC402x, AC407x, AC408x, ACP073x, ACP077x, ACP007x:

  • Filter replacement light 1
  • Filter replacement light 2
  • Filter replacement light 3/4
  • Filter replacement light 5

See further explanations below.

B) All other purifiers:
Purifiers that do not feature in the list above will show a filter replacement alert light or an error code (models with a display panel).

See further explanations below.

A) Purifiers AC400x, AC401x, AC402x, AC407x, AC408x, ACP073x, ACP077x, ACP007x:

If filter replacement light 1 flashes (in red)
The pre-filter needs to be cleaned. You can wash it under a running tap and dry it completely it before reinstalling it. Alternatively, you can clean it using a vacuum cleaner.

If filter replacement light 2 is on or flashing (in red)
If filter replacement light 2 is flashing or is on continuously, you need to replace the multi-care filter (for Air purifier AC4004 only). This filter cannot be washed. After replacing, make sure you reset your appliance

Filter replacement light 3/4 is on (in red)
The filter 3 (activated carbon filter) and filter 4 (HEPA filter) need to be replaced. After replacing them, make sure you reset your purifier. Please note that these filters cannot be washed.

Filter replacement light 5 is flashing (in red)
This light indicates that the humidification filter should be replaced.

B) All other purifiers

In this case (and for models without a display screen), your Philips Air Purifier features a filter replacement light. This light will stay on and will be coloured red.

If your purifier has a display screen, then it will show one of the following error codes:

Codes A1 to A9:
Replace NanoProtect S3 HEPA filter.

Codes C1 to C9:
Replace NanoProtect S3 AC filter.

Code: F0
Clean the Pre-filter.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC3829/60 , AC2889/60 , AC3259/60 , AC3256/60 , AC3256/30 . more less

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