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    Air humidifier

    Up to 38 m2, Spreads 99% less bacteria*, Quiet for good sleep HU4811/60


    How to check the humidity sensor of my Philips Humidifier

    If you would like to know how the humidity sensor of your Philips Humidifier works, please read the instructions below.

    Checking the humidity sensor of your Philips Humidifier

    Your Philips Humidifier is equipped with a built-in humidity sensor. Please follow the steps below to check the humidity sensor:

    1. Remove the cover of the air quality/humidity sensors of your Philips Humidifier and then gently blow moist air into the humidity sensor at the back of your humidifier (please see the image below).

    2. After a few seconds, the "current humidity" indication of your humidifier should change in the centre of the control panel on the top of the device.


    If the initial "current humidity" indication of your humidifier is already 60%, the indication cannot show an even higher humidity level when you blow moist air towards the sensor.

    Humidity sensor of Philips Humidifier

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HU4811/60 , HU4803/01 .

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