Hard disk/DVD recorder

160 GB DVDR7260H/05


How to change date/time on my Philips DVD recorder?

For an optimal synchronisation of your device and the TV signal, we advise you to let the TV detect the time and date automatically: 1. Press SYSTEM on the remote control of the recorder to access the system setup menu. 2. Use the cursor buttons to select SETUP and press cursor button right. You will now see the message: ?The time shift buffer will be cleared. Do you want to continue?? . 3. Press OK. 4. Use the cursor buttons to select TIME/DATE and press cursor button down. 5. Select CLOCK PRESET. 6. Select AUTO and press OK. 7. Press SYSTEM on the remote control to exit the menu. The recorder automatically detects the first channel in the tuner that contains the time/date code and will synchronize the time and date with this channel.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVDR7260H/05 .

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