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    How long should I charge my Philips Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

    Published on 28 March 2024

    Depending on the model, it takes four to six hours for your Philips Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to fully charge when it is completely empty. Read more information in our article below.

    Charging and storing your vacuum cleaner

    You do not need to stop charging your Philips Cordless Vacuum Cleaner once the battery is full. You can leave it on the charger without causing any negative effects.

    If you are not going to use the appliance for a long period of time (more than a month), please charge the appliance up to at least 50% (halfway) and unplug it before storing it. We do not recommend storing the appliance with an empty battery because this may lead to irreversible damage to the battery.

    If the solutions above did not solve the issue, contact us for further assistance http://www.philips.com/support .

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