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    Philips Steam Generator Irons
    Remove wrinkles fast

    Discover and find the best Philips Steam Generator iron for your home. With powerful steam to flow continuously and penetrate through fabric – removing wrinkles fast. Ironing just got a lot easier.

    Steam Generator Irons from Philips

    Discover Philips Steam Generator Irons

    PerfectCare 8000 Series

    Effortless ironing. Fast results

    Our new motion sensor knows exactly when the iron is moving on your clothes and delivers powerful steam automatically.


    Effortless ironing. Fast results.
    Powerful steam tackles tough creases and thicker fabrics with ease and speed


    Fast and compact
    The lightweight, compact size is perfect for storage

    World Leading Brand

    Number 1

    World's No.1
    ironing brand

    Product warranty, Philips, 2 years warranty

    Product warranty

    2 year product warranty 
    from date of purchase

    Get perfect results faster and easier with a Philips Steam Generator iron

    Efficient wrinkle removal

    Efficient wrinkle removal

    Thanks to powerful and continuous steam that never stops

    OptimalTEMP technology

    Guaranteed no burns

    With OptimalTEMP technology you can iron any fabric from cotton to silk

    No temperature settings

    No temperature setting

    Thanks to OptimalTEMP technology there's no need to change temperature setting

    Effortless ironing

    Effortless ironing

    Ultra-light iron that glides through garments with ease for amazing results with virtually no effort

    Philips Steam Generator Iron
    Powerful steam provides optimal removal of creases

    Powerful steam provides optimal removal of creases

    The powerful and continuous steam in Philips Steam Generator Irons tackles even tough creases, and thicker fabrics are smoothed out with ease and speed.

    No burns – guaranteed with OptimalTEMP

    No burns – guaranteed

    with OptimalTEMP technology

    We guarantee this iron will never cause burns to any ironable fabric when it is left unattended. You can safely leave it resting on your clothes or ironing board.

    Iron everything from jeans to silk

    Iron everything from jeans to silk

    with no temperature settings required

    Thanks to OptimalTEMP, no dial or settings are needed. Iron everything from jeans to silk without adjusting the temperature. You're ready for any fabric, any time.

    teamGlide Elite soleplate, ultimate gliding and durability

    Effortless ironing 

    - ultimate gliding and durability

    Our soleplates glides over your garments with ease, for amazing results with practically no effort. It’s so light, even vertical steaming is super-easy.

    Perfect ironing results

    Perfect ironing results

    The ultimate power of steam generators gives you the fastest ironing experience - creases removed faster than ever. Ideal for people who demand the utmost from their steam generator irons.

    Water tank refill

    Large detachable water tank

    for easy refilling

    The detachable water tank allows you to easily refill anytime without stopping the appliance. It has a large filling hole so you can simply fill the water tank under the tap. 

    Effective solution against limescale

    Effective solution against limescale

    When you’ve got the ultimate steam generator, you want to keep it working like new.  The Easy De-Calc Plus system lets you know when it’s time to descale.

    Find the best Steam Generator Iron for you


    Garment care sale

    Save up to 60%

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    Get answers to the most frequently asked questions

    What type of water can I use in my Philips Steam Generator Iron?

    Using the right type of water helps prolong your Philips garment steamer or steam iron's lifespan. Please read on to learn some tips and tricks.


    Water type to use

    Your Philips steam generator iron has been designed to be used with tap water. However, if you live in an area with hard water, fast scale build-up may occur.

    Therefore, to prolong the lifespan of your iron or steamer it is recommended to use distilled or demineralised water (50% demineralised water mixed with tap water could be used too).

    Please do not use perfumed water, water from the tumble dryer, vinegar, starch, descaling agents, ironing aids, chemically descaled water or other chemicals as they may cause water spitting, brown staining or damage to your steam iron.

    To perfume your clothes we recommend you choosing one of the following options:

    • Using perfumed washing softener
    • Using essential oils (aromas) during washing
    • Spraying perfumed water after ironing

    How to descale my Philips Steam Generator Iron?

    Descaling your Philips steam iron, steam generator iron or garment steamer helps keep the appliance in optimal condition.

    The descaling process depends on your product and series. Please find here all descaling information for your Philips Steam Iron or Steamer

    How to clean the water tank of my Philips Steam Generator Iron?

    It is very easy to clean your Philips Steam Generator Iron's water tank. Please read the instructions below.

    Cleaning the water tank of your iron

    Follow the steps below to clean the water tank of your Philips Steam Generator Iron:

    1) Fill the water tank halfway with warm water and shake it carefully.

    2) Empty it and rinse well with fresh water (do not use detergent).

    Note: Algae can form when water remains in your iron’s tank for a long time. Emptying your Philips Steam Generator Iron's water tank regularly will prevent the formation of algae or residue.

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