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Multimedia Speakers 2.1

    Multimedia Speakers 2.1

    Immersive bass

    Four sophisticated integrated circuits drive the subwoofer and two satellite speakers for quality sound while Philips SPD bass port technology delivers pure deep bass, and all with 60-W output for the explosive bass that gamers want. See all benefits

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Multimedia Speakers 2.1

SPDTM bass port, 3" Satellite driver, 5.25" Subwoofer, 130 W SPA7380/12 Find similar products

Immersive bass

Takes gaming to a new level

  • 60 W output power

    60 W output power

    60 W output – wow! We gamers all want higher power because for gaming speakers the bigger the output, the better the bass and overall sound quality. So enjoy your next game with this powerful, big 60 W output, which gives you all the explosive bass you want.

  • Advanced integrated circuits

    Advanced integrated circuits

    The Philips integrated circuits in this speaker are very sophisticated. Normal speakers have between one and 3 channels, but this speaker comes with 4 channels to give you the better sound quality you need. Philips uses 4 integrated amplifier chips to drive the 2 channels of two satellite speakers and 2 channels of the subwoofer. These TDA7379 amplifier chips provide a good solid foundation for quality sound and all the power needed to drive the subwoofer and satellites.

  • SPD™ innovative bass port technology for deep, rounded tones

    SPD™ innovative bass port technology for deep, rounded tones

    Philips Sound Purification Duct (SPD) bass port technology delivers the deep, pure tones of the original bass sound. Using an SPD foam material to process the inner surface of the bass pipe, the special acoustic damping invented by Philips reduces noise turbulence and stabilises the tuning frequency. Philips technical and consumer tests confirm this buffer provides less coloured, purer quality bass.

  • PP subwoofer driver material

    PP subwoofer driver material

    The polypropylene (PP) material in the driver, which is heavy, makes for better bass. It can help rolling out and produces more bass with better clarity and balance. Easier to integrate with the full range driver and results in less vibration.

  • AUX-in and headphone out on wired control

    AUX-in and headphone out on wired control

    Now you can enjoy your favourite music and entertainment even easier and more conveniently via the aux-in and headphone out jack on wired control. Usually, if you want to connect another device other than your PC, you have to unplug the 3.5 mm jack from the computer and that is not always expedient. But with the aux-in and headphone out connections on front you can quickly and easily listen to music straight from almost any device.

  • Long tube design generates more bass

    All gamers want their speakers to have as much bass as possible, and these speakers are specially designed to deliver the bass you want. The long tube design of this satellite speaker gives better-quality sound with extended bass. This creates more volume to generate more bass and bring you more enjoyment from your games.

  • Side firing bass port speaker design

    The specially designed side firing bass port on these gaming speakers delivers more spacious sound with richer bass. Perfect for those really exciting gaming sessions!

  • Curvilinear cabinet for well-rounded sound

    The curvilinear design of the cabinet not only looks good but is shaped to provide a balanced sound that emanates more naturally and in its original form. With less distortion and colouration, you can be assured that your favourite music will always sound the way it is supposed to. Philips knows acoustics and we make sure that sound not only sounds great, but looks great too!

  • Well damped driver reduces vibration and sound distortion

    A single speaker driver normally incurs a specific frequency division vibration near the edge of the diaphragm, often resulting in some sound distortion. The way to overcome this problem is by using Mylar, a uniform monomer and a much lighter material that is more usually used, around the driver cone. Surrounding the cone in a perfectly symmetrical ring, the resulting damping effect suppresses the asynchronous vibration, resulting in a more balanced and natural sound.

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