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Gel pillows cushion

  • Large size
£ 53.99
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  • *2017 Philips User Preference Questionnaire
Easy to fit

Easy to fit

Choose the cushion so the pillows cushion blue gel bases sit comfortably under the nose without any gaps. Only the soft silicone tip should be inside your nostrils. Do not push any part of the blue gel base inside your nose.

Comfort and performance

Comfort and performance

Less discomfort on the face, nose and nostrils. Users rated DreamWear Gel Pillows more comfortable than their prescribed mask.

Features just for you

Features just for you

Easy to use with one modular frame for all cushion sizes.

Modular design

Modular design

Modular design for quick assembly and cleaning, with interchangeable pillows and nasal cushions.

Product details
Materials Polycarbonate
Polyurethane gel
Warranty 90 days
Cleaning: Cushion
Hand wash with mild detergent Rinse thoroughly, air-dry¹
Inspect daily for wear Replace at first sign of wear
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