The new Philips masticating juicer

Nutritious juices full of fiber

    What are masticating juicers? 


    Masticating juicers provide a boost of nutrition – with fruit and vegetables’ natural fibers – thanks to the innovative technology. The juicing process is slower, as the juicer carefully squeezes the most out of your fresh fruit and vegetables, including leafy greens and nuts.


    So healthy juices can now easily become part of your healthy nutrition routine.

    Get your healthy juice shot of concentrated nutrition

    Suitable for extracting juice from fruits, vegetables, nuts and leafs.
    Clean the juicer in just 1 minute, thanks to the sieve-free design and QuickClean technology
    Compact design to fit your kitchen countertop

    Extract up to
    90% more juice*     

    and enjoy more fiber and vitamins!

    How does the masticating juicing works?


    Thanks to the MicroMasticating technology you enjoy a more concentrated juice in just 3 steps:


    1. Ingredients are cut into small pieces
    2. Everything is thoroughly squeezed
    3. The metal spindle micro-squeezes under high pressure, for even more nutritious juice
    See product video

    Quick and easy juicer cleaning


    Because of its clever design, slow juicers are build from easily detachable parts, and can be rinsed clean without kitchen tools in under 1 minute.


    So you can now enjoy your favorite juice recipes without thinking of the mess afterwards.

    healthy drinks app

    Healthy juice recipe app with inspiring tutorials and healthy diet tips, now available!

    Download the Philips Healthy Drinks app now. It’s a handy way to get the most out of juicing and blending. So you can start making healthy and delicious juices – or expand your repertoire of recipes.

    After all, fresh juices and smoothies are great ways to increase your intake of vitamins and other vital nutrients.

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    Including green, vegetable, fruit and detox juice 


    Whether you’re looking for a refreshing juice recipe, full of fiber and vitamins or you just want a detox-diet juice recipe, this is the perfect place for you. 

    Discover our best masticating juicer

    * Results based on internal tests on 1000g of grapes, apples, berries, strawberries, tomatoes, melon, oranges and pomegranate.