Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump

Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump

Includes 2x 125 ml/4 oz bottle SCF314/02 Find similar products

Technical Specifications

  • Country of origin

  • Material

    BPA free*
  • Development stages

    • Pregnancy
    • 0–6 months
  • Power

    100-240  V
  • What is included

    Bottle stand/funnel cover
    2  pcs
    Breast milk container (125 ml/4 oz)
    2  pcs
    Electronic Breast Pump
    Extra-soft newborn flow teat
    2  pcs
    Microfibre travel bag
    1  pcs
    Spare parts
    3  pcs
    Newborn teat travel pack
    2  pcs
    Disposable breast pad
    2  pcs

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