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    Discover our LED signaling lighting

    Discover our
    LED signaling

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      Are you looking for a high-performance LED signaling lights or the wide-angle vision to see objects while reversing or the razor-sharp clarity of a bright signal to cut through bad weather?


      If your answer is "Yes", Philips LED signaling bulb have you covered!

      What is LED signaling?

      A car has several signaling lights such as turn indicators, brake lights, reversing light, and so on. These lights are used by the driver to communicate to other road users. Besides, LED signaling is a lighting technology that replaces your car's existing conventional signaling bulbs. It increases performance, quality of light and endurance. 


      Philips presents the new Ultinon Pro6000 LED for vibrant signaling and bright interior lighting. Available in a variety of colors for all major vehicle light applications, you can now upgrade your signaling bulbs to see better while making your car look more stylish.


      Reach out to any one of our authorized distributors, garages and retailers for your very own Philips LED signaling bulbs today!

      LED signaling lighting unique points

      LED bulb image T10 is a representation of the Ultinon Pro6000 model.

      *T10 exists in warm white, cool white, extra cool white, and Amber.

      Benefits of upgrading to Philips LED signaling bulbs

      Increase your elegance with Philips LED signaling bulbs


      Why not look good while enjoying the great visibility that Philips LED bulbs provide?

      Cool white lights

      Cool white lights

      Intense amber lights

      Intense amber lights

      Intense red lights

      Intense red lights

      *LED bulb image P21W is a representation of the Ultinon Pro6000 model.

      View our LED signaling lighting ranges

      Ultinon Essential LED


      Ultinon Essential LED

      Ultinon Pro3100 LED

      The best value for your money

      Ultinon Essential LED

      Ultinon Pro6000 LED

      Superior visibility and style for your car

      Light colour*

      Warm white, amber, red

      Cool white, vibrant red, vibrant amber

      Warm, cool and extra cool white, vibrant amber, vibrant red

      Lumen output**




      12V, 24V


      12V, selected 24V types

      New technology*

      HeatShield, dark current immunity, polarity-free


      Depends on bulb types

      Up to 3,000 hours

      Up to 5,000 hours

      Available in

      Festoon 30, 38, 43, [≈W5W], [≈W16W], [≈W21W],
      [≈W21/5W], [≈P21W], [≈P21/5W], [≈PY21W], [≈WY21W], [≈R5W/R10W]

      Festoon 43, 38, 30, [≈W5W], [≈W16W], [≈W21W], [≈W21/5W], [≈P21W], [≈P21/5W], [≈R5/R10]

      * Depending on the technical type

      ** Applies to T10/W5W 12V 6000K, depending on technical type

      Explore the functionality of your bulb


      Don’t limit yourself to conventional signaling lights on the road: let Philips LED signaling bulbs enhance your driving style. See for yourself to get an idea of what your car would look and feel like with innovative signaling lights.

      Do you want to know more about LED upgrade?

      Find more information about Philips LED signaling lighting

      Find more information about Philips LED signaling lighting

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      Automotive Support

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