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    Enhance your LED knowledge

    Everything you need to know about LED

    Episode 1

    LED retrofit bulb

    What is an LED retrofit bulb?

    Thinking of upgrading your halogen headlight bulbs to LED retrofit bulbs? Is this even possible? Let Matt and our experts from Philips automotive lighting lead the way into discovering a whole new world of LED retrofit bulbs, the technology and how this can change your driving experience.

    Episode 2

    about LED technology

    About LED technology

    LED Technology is fundamentally changing the lighting industry, but have you ever wondered how exactly is LED made? And how many LED colors can be produced? Let’s find out together with Marc Kessels, our expert in Automotive LED Lamp.

    Episode 3

    Mechanical fit of LED bulbs

    Mechanical fit of LED bulbs

    So far we have learnt what LED retrofit bulbs are and how they are made. Now, let our expert in Philips automotive lighting, Wilbert Heffels show us how it is possible to retrofit LED bulbs into a halogen headlamp.

    Episode 4

    Electrical challenges with LED upgrades

    Electrical challenges with LED upgrades

    When upgrading your car with LED retrofit bulbs, a few challenges may occur. In this video, we will find out what are the main differentiating factors with LED retrofits and tackle some of its challenges. Today’s expert is Lukas Küper and he will LEAD our way!

    Episode 5

    Basics on safe car lighting

    Basics on safe car lighting

    Have you ever been glared by oncoming traffic while driving? Most of us have experienced this uncomfortable moment when a bright light shines straight at you followed by a few seconds of adjustment. In this episode we cover an important topic on safe lighting and how we can drive safely with an LED retrofit bulb. Not just for us, but for others too!

    Episode 6

    Difference between a Reflector and projector optics

    Difference between a reflector and projector optics

    Today’s halogen cars are equipped with either projector or reflector optics. Why is this important to know the difference when retrofitting with an LED bulb? And are they compatible with both optics? Let our expert Lukas Küper answer all our questions!

    Episode 7

    Trust the Philips brand

    Trust the Philips brand!

    With so many LED bulbs available in the market with various claims, features and lighting performance, how do you know if they are the right ones? Let our expert Jacques Le Berre help us debunk all the claims and guide us what we need to look out for! Knowledge is power.

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