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    Philips Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

    Descale your

    Philips espresso machine

    Descaling your Philips espresso machine regularly ensures great coffee taste, temperature and extend its lifetime. Follow the steps or watch the videos on how to do this at home. Here you will find the most important information on how to descale your espresso machine from Philips.

    Watch video for descaling instructions

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    How do I descale my Philips espresso machine?

    Most frequently asked questions: 

    UK water map

    Why do I have to descale my Philips espresso machine?


    Millions of people in the UK receive hard water through the mains water supply.Hard water causes limescale build up which may cause your product to fail. 

    Please descale your product when descaling message appears on the display

    When to descale espresso machine

    When do I descale my Philips espresso machine


    • If your machine generates a lot of steam during the brewing process
    • When coffee takes a long time to prepare
    • If less coffee is being made than normal
    • When your machine is making lukewarm coffee
    • Every 6 months

    How to descale Philips Espresso Machine

    How do I descale my Philips espresso machine?

    When descaling your espresso machine, use Philips descaler only (Descaling solution CA6700).

    Descaling instructions may differ depending on your specific espresso machine's model. For more accurate step-by-step instructions, check the user manual or click here for video instructions.

    Descale with the right descaler

    • Not sure which one to buy?
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      Espresso machine descaler


      • Same as CA6700/00
      • 1 descaling cycle
      • Prolong machine lifetime
      • Improves coffee taste
      5 (1 reviews)

      Overall rating 5 / 5

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      Calc and Water filter


      • Same as CA6903/00
      • No descaling for up to 5000 cups*
      • Prolong machine lifetime
      • 1 x AquaClean Filter
    • Not sure which one to buy?
      Select up to three products and compare them!

      Calc and Water filter


      • Same as CA6903/01
      • No descaling for up to 5000 cups*
      • Prolong machine lifetime
      • 2 x AquaClean Filters

    Most acids such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, sulfamic or acetic acid (vinegar) either damage the pipes and hoses in the Philips espresso machine or do not dissolve limescale properly. Filter coffee machines without a pump are an exception, as they have thicker tubes and so household vinegar is not a problem. You should therefore only use the specially developed descaler shown above.

    Help is on the way!

    Philips Maintenance Service

    for your espresso machine

    Maintaining your espresso machine can be a lot of work. That is why Philips now offers the Espresso Maintenance Service! This extra service from Philips ensures that your espresso machine is thoroughly cleaned so that you can enjoy your coffee and machine for a long time.

    Call us and book the service now  0 20 79 49 02 40

    Our service includes

    • Visual inspection (leakage traces, etc.)
    • Replacing brew group O-rings
    • Greasing and cleaning the brew group
    • Cleaning the milk system

    • Setting the coffee temperature
    • Adjusting grinding degree (if possible)
    • Descaling and cleaning the appliance

    The costs for this service are £ 99.00 incl. VAT and transport back and forth. The complete service includes descaling and cleaning agents and O-rings worth £ 15.00.

    * This service is only possible for a fully functioning device. If a defect is nevertheless found, we will make a repair proposal with a corresponding repair price

    Pick up and return

    Pick up and delivery


    Product inspection


    Complete service

    Carefree maintenance

    Carefree maintenance

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    For more detailed information, please consult the user manual for your espresso machine

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