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    Taking care of yourself

    Find your rhythm at home. 
    Kick-start healthy routines that make a difference every day.
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    ​Home haircuts the easy way

    Multigroom series 7000 12-in-1, Face, Hair and Body
    Keep yourself and your family trimmed and tidy.

    Gentle hair removal at home

    Lumea Prestige IPL hair removal device BRI954/00
    Enjoy hair-free smooth skin with long-lasting results.
    Lumea app
    Get your personal treatment plan with step-by-step guidance and reminders in the Lumea app.​

    ​A whiter, healthier smile

    A whiter, healthier smile with DiamondClean Smart
    Start and end each day with a clean smile you can feel.

    Get creative with your style

    Body trimming
    Trim, edge or shave any length of hair and stubble with just one tool.

    Close shave without compromise

    Dry shave jaw line
    Boost your morning with a precision shave that’s close, smooth and comfortable.​

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    Caring for home and family

    Home is what you make of it. 
    Find what you need to look after what matters most.

    A fresh start to the day​

    Juicer, kids, carrots
    Get a colorful boost from homemade drinks packed with goodness.

    ​Enjoy delicious smoothies at home

    Get a colorful boost from homemade drinks packed with goodness
    Make healthy and fresh smoothies packed with nutrients.
    Red cabbage juice
    Make it yourself
    Avocado juice
    Try something new

    Fresh and ready to wear

    Steam&Go Handheld garment steamer
    Continuous steam to keeps clothes fresh and reduces the need for washing or dry cleaning.
    Steam&Go Plus in use
    Simple to use.

    Spring clean your wardrobe

    PerfectCare Elite Plus in use
    ​Get that perfect combination of temperature and continuous powerful steam to iron your laundry faster.

    A healthier way to cook

    Come together in the kitchen with treats for the whole family.
    Come together in the kitchen with treats for the whole family.​
    Tasty Brownie recipe

    Healthier air at home ​

    Take control of your family’s air quality
    Take control of your family’s indoor air quality.
    Air purifier in use
    A built-in sensor detects changes in air quality and provides real-time feedback. 

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