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    How do I descale my Gaggia Unica espresso machine?

    Published on 2021-07-04

    Descaling your Gaggia Unica espresso machine helps to keep it in optimal condition. Learn how to do this yourself easily.

    Before you start the descaling cycle

    • The complete descaling process takes about 30 minutes and consists of a descaling cycle and rinsing cycle. Once started, the descaling procedure must be performed in full.

    Before you start:

    • Empty the drip tray.
    • Have a container available to collect the water during the descaling process
    • Remove the INTENZA+ water filter from the water tank (if installed)
    • Remove the Pannarello/Cappuccinatore/Automatic milk frother (if installed)
    • Turn the machine ON by pressing the ON/OFF button. Wait for the machine to finish its rinse and warm-up process
    • Pour the entire content of the GAGGIA concentrated descaling solution into the water tank and then fill the tank with fresh drinking water up to the MAX level
    • Place the tank back into the machine
    descaling solution

    Descale instructions - descale cycle steps 1-3

    1) Place a container under the steam wand.
    Use a container of at least 1 litre capacity. If you do not have a container of this capacity, once it is filled, close the knob, empty the container and then place it under the wand again and repeat the procedure.

    2) Only after adding the descaling solution into the tank, turn the knob clockwise to the STEAM/HOT WATER position and dispense 2-3 cups of water (approx. 150 ml). Stop dispensing by turning the knob back to its central DOT position.

    3) Let the descaling solution take effect for 10 minutes. Repeat steps 2 and 3 at intervals of 3 minutes until there is no descaling solution left in the water tank.

    descaling start

    Descale instructions - descale cycle steps 4-5

    4) When the icon is displayed, rinse the water tank thoroughly and refill it with fresh drinking water.
    5) Empty the container used to collect the liquid dispensed by the machine and place it under the steam wand.

    illuminated continuously

    Descale instructions - descale cycle steps 6-7

    6) Turn the knob clockwise and set it to the STEAM/HOT WATER position. The machine starts the rinse cycle.

    7) When there is no water left in the tank, the icon on the side is displayed to indicate that the knob must be brought back to the DOT position.

    turning the knob

    Descale instructions - rinsing cycle steps 8-10

    8) Rinse the water tank thoroughly and refill it with fresh drinking water. Empty the container used to collect the liquid dispensed by the machine.

    9) Place a large container under the dispensing spout.

    10) Before starting the procedure, check that the following icons are displayed.

    rinsing the unit

    Descale instructions - rinsing cycle steps 11-13

    11) Brew one coffee. Press and release the ESPRESSO button. The machine starts brewing coffee.
    Wait until brewing is complete and remove the container. Then repeat the operations from step 5 to step 8 until the second water tank is empty.

    12) Fill the water tank and put it back.

    13) Press the STEAM button for 6 seconds to reset the machine and switch off the descaling alarm signal.

    descaling completion

    The information on this page applies to the following models: RI9933/70 .

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