5200 series Full HD Ultra-Slim LED TV

60 cm (24"), Full HD LED TV, DVB-T/T2/C 24PFT5231/05

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reorder the television channels?

Favourite or most watched channels are placed inconveniently in the installed channel list, therefore the order of channels on the TV needs to be changed.


Ensure that:
• the software of the television is up-to-date


The broadcast provider does not allow to reorder the pre-defined channel list. It is recommended to use the “Favourites list” option of the TV to create a channel list in the order of preference.

Create a favourites list:

• While watching a TV channel, press “LIST” on the remote control to open the Channel List.
• Press the yellow button “Mark as favourite” to select the favourite channel.
• Press the “OPTION” button on the remote control.
• Select: [List] > [Favourites] to open the favourites list.
• Press the green button on the remote control to “Move” channels within the list.
• Select the desired channel and press the “OK” button in the remote control. Use the arrow keys in the remote control to select the new channel position and press “OK” to save the change.
• Press the red button on the remote control to exit the channel list “Move” mode.

The channel selection buttons of the remote control will now navigate to the channels as defined in the Favourite list.

Note: The channel order on the EPG list (programme guide) is set up by the provider and will still show the default order of channels. This default channel list of the broadcast provider cannot be adjusted.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 24PFT5231/05 , 22PFT4031/05 , 49PFT4131/05 , 32PHT4131/05 , 24PHT4031/05 , 43PUT4900/12 , 55PUT4900/12 , 49PUT4900/12 , 40PFH4100/88 , 32PHH4100/88 , 22PFH4000/88 , 24PHH4000/88 , 24PHH5210/88 . more less

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