Shaver Series 7000

Series 7000

A shave as unique as your skin

Shave the way that feels right

Our No.1 men’s electric shaver for sensitive skin

Wet and Dry Electric Shaver Series 7000, S7970/26

Philips Shaver Series 6000, S6680/26
The Philips Shaver Series 7000 is crafted for a close sensitive shave. Enhanced with personal guidance co-developed with dermatologists - it helps men with the specific skin issues they face. Because every skin is different.
SkinGlide Rings
GentlePrecision Blades
BeardAdapt Sensor
Suggested retail price: £259.99
Philips Shaver Series 7000 SkinGlide Rings

Designed for skin comfort

SkinGlide Rings  

Experience the smooth glide of Philips advanced microsphere technology. Inspired by gliding principles in aerodynamics, the shaver rings are coated with thousands of tiny, glass-like spheres for maximum skin comfort.
Philips Shaver Series 7000 GentlePrecision Blades

Close and smooth shave

GentlePrecision Blades

Get a close shave even on sensitive skin with hardened high-precision blades. The blade edges are engineered to cut hair precisely, minimising tugging, pulling or repetitive passes, even on a 3-day stubble.
Philips Shaver Series 7000 BeardAdapt Sensor

Personalised shaver

BeardAdapt Sensor

Shave off even dense beard areas efficiently. The shaver senses your beard density and automatically adjusts the power as needed.

Follow personal shave plan to tackle your specific skin issues

Philips Shaver Series 7000 BeardAdapt Sensor

Personal Shave Plan

Get adaptive advice to tackle your specific skin issues, whether redness, razor burn or in-grown hairs. The plan is co-developed with dermatologists and gives advice on your shaving routine and technique via the connected GroomTribe app. Shave-by-shave, the app tracks your progress and adjusts the advice for the best skin results.

Pair the shaver and app

Get personalised advice

Set the speed best for your skin

Sensitive Shave Settings

Shave with the recommended speed setting customised to your skin, or choose your own via the connected GroomTribe app. Options include normal, sensitive and extra sensitive.
Check smartphone compatibility and app languages at philips.com/s7000-support

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What's in the box of shaver S7970?

The Philips S7970 shaver comes with a click-on trimmer for perfect moustache and sideburn trimming, a travel pouch and SmartClean station to clean, lubricate, and charge your shaver.
Suggested retail price: £259.99
Philips Shaver Series 6000 Number 1 Logo
Philips –  the world's number one electric shaving brand* 

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited, Consumer Appliances 2018ed, per body shavers category definition, retail volume sales in units, 2017 data
Philips Shaver Series 6000 Green Product Logo
Philips Green Products can reduce costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions by offering a significant environmental improvement in one or more of the Philips Green Focal Areas — Energy efficiency, Packaging, Hazardous substances, Weight, Recycling and disposal and Lifetime reliability.

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Shaver Series 7000


Sensitive & Close

Shaver S9000 Prestige


Our best closeness and comfort, even on a 7-day beard

Shaver series 6000


Minimised skin irritation

Contour adaptability: For capturing hard to get hairs

  • GentlePrecision blades
  • 8 directions shaver head movement
  • 5 directions shaver head movement

Comfort: For smooth shave

  • ★★★★★
  • ★★★★★
  • ★★★★★


  • ★★★★
  • ★★★★★
  • ★★★★

Versatility: Flexibility to also trim and/ or style

  • SmartClick Precision trimmer
  • SmartClick Beard styler
  • SmartClick Precision trimmer

Ease of use: Wet & dry

Battery: Usage / charging time

  • 50 minutes / 1 hour
  • 60 minutes / 3 hours
  • 60 minutes / 1 hour

100% Washable

Also includes

  • Travel pouch
  • SmartClean station
  • Qi charging pad
  • Premium pouch
  • SmartClick facial cleansing brush
  • Travel pouch
  • SmartClean station
* Suggested retail price

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