Extra-Sensitive Cleansing Brush

    Extra-Sensitive Cleansing Brush

    Brush Head for Extra-Sensitive Skin and Dry Skin

    The Extra sensitive brush brings Philips' most gentle cleansing experience for delicate skin. The brush comes with longer and softer bristles, for extra-gentle yet effective daily cleansing, respecting Extra sensitive and Dry skin. See all benefits


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Extra-Sensitive Cleansing Brush

Replace every 3 months, For daily use, For sensitive and dry skin, Easy to replace SC5993/10 Find similar products

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Brush Head for Extra-Sensitive Skin and Dry Skin

For clean and soft skin

  • For best results, replace the brush every 3 months

    Replace the brush regularly for the best cleansing results. The brush is easy to replace by simply pulling off the brush from the device

  • Philips' softest bristles for ultra-gentle cleansing

    With the new extra-sensitive VisaPure Essential cleansing brush, you can cleanse your skin more thoroughly than with your hands, whilst being extra-gentle on your sensitive skin. The brush has ultra-soft bristles which are finer and more flexible, and the tips of the bristles have been polished twice as long as the other brushes. This results in the most gentle cleansing experience and it feels incredibly soft — ideal for sensitive skin. An extra-gentle way to a clean and healthy looking skin.

  • Click-on brush head; easy to put on and take off

    Simply click the brush head on and off. Easy to fit, our brush heads are compatible across all Visapure models.

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