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    Frozen mocktail recipe ideas: How to make cocktails without alcohol


    Mixing cocktails at home this summer couldn’t be easier – and if you’re looking to go alcohol-free, we’ve got you covered. With a good blender and just a handful of ingredients you’ll be able to whip up fantastic frozen cocktails without alcohol in no time at all. Read on for our straightforward guide to two alcohol-free cocktails to make at home: the ever-popular margarita and a refreshing daiquiri.

    How to make frozen mocktails at home

    It goes without saying that you’ll need ice (or frozen fruit) when you’re mixing cocktails at home that are frozen, but you’ll also need the perfect blender. Take your time choosing yours (if you don’t already have one), as this handy piece of kitchen equipment is useful for lots of other tasks, too.

    Frozen alcohol-free margarita mocktail recipe

    Frozen alcohol-free margarita mocktail recipe: the ingredients

    The first of our refreshing cocktails without alcohol has just three simple steps and some delicious ingredients.

    You will need:


    • 120ml lime juice
    • 120ml lemon juice
    • 600g crushed ice
    • 32g caster sugar
    • Fizzy water
    • Lime wedges
    • Coarse salt

    How to make a frozen alcohol-free margarita:


    1. First, you need to create a lemon-lime mixture. Simply blend your lime juice, lemon juice, sugar, and ice in a high-powered blender until the mixture is slushy.
    2. Next, prepare the glasses. Wipe the rim of your glass with a lime wedge and dip it into coarse salt on a plate until the edge is coated.
    3. Add your lemon-lime mix and top up with fizzy water.

    Why not garnish your mocktail with a slice of lime?

    Frozen alcohol-free daiquiri mocktail recipe: the ingredients


    The second of our homemade mocktails is also simple to make.

    You will need:


    • 125g frozen strawberries, tops cut off
    • 1 tbsp syrup (water and sugar)
    • 100ml soda water
    • Juice of half a lime

    How to make a frozen alcohol-free daiquiri in 5 simple steps


    1. First, you need to make a syrup. Mix equal parts water and sugar, heating them in a pan together until the sugar dissolves.
    2. Allow your strawberries to sit out of the freezer for around 10 minutes.
    3. Add your strawberries, syrup, soda water and lime juice to a blender.
    4. Blend your ingredients until they create a smooth, icy mix.
    5. Now all you have to do is serve your homemade mocktails. Add your frozen daiquiri to a glass and enjoy. Why not garnish your mocktail with some mint leaves or fresh strawberries?

    What you need

    More mocktail ideas for no alcohol cocktails to make at home


    We may have given you two frozen mocktails to try, but why stop there? Try other no alcohol cocktail recipes such as our kid-friendly pineapple mocktail, or our alcohol-free Cold War recipe.

    So, there you go – our no alcohol cocktail recipes are bound to be enjoyed by all the family on warm sunny days, and they couldn’t be easier to make thanks to our step-by-step guides.

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