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    Air fryer Recipe: Chicken

    Chicken recipe in air fryer

    Basic chicken recipes for your air fryer

    How long should I air fry chicken and at what temperature?

    Say goodbye to dry, bland and overcooked chicken, and enjoy juicy and delicious chicken at home. In this article we are focusing on the time and temperature to cook chicken to perfection with an air fryer from Philips. Read on to find out just how versatile this simple it can be.

    Whether you go for a simple version with just a coating of oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper on the skin, or give it a boost of flavour with some marinade. To infuse extra flavour into your chicken, be sure to marinate it before cooking in the air fryer. This can be quickly and easily by adding the marinade shortly before cooking, or you can allow the chicken to marinate for longer to really absorb the flavours.

    Give your next chicken lunch or dinner some delicious flavours. Find chicken recipes for your Philips Airfryer: Check out recipes in the NutriU app!

    Note that time and temperature mentioned are guidelines and can differ depending on amount and type of air fryer model. We advise you to keep an eye on your food while cooking.

    If you want to be sure that your chicken is cooked all the way through, simply use a meat thermometer. Make sure that the internal temperature is steady above 75 degrees celcius.

    Cook a whole chicken in Airfryer

    Whole chicken cooked in the air fryer

    Cooking a whole chicken can seem a little daunting, but your air fryer makes it easy and you can be serving it with tender, juicy meat and deliciously crispy skin - all in an hour. 

    Chicken (whole)
    Quantity: 1.2 kg
    Time: 6 min to start, then 60 min
    Temperature: 200 ° C to start, then 150 ° C

    Chicken drumstick in Airfryer

    Perfect chicken drumsticks with crispy skin

    The easiest and best way to cook your chicken drumsticks in your air fryer.

    Chicken drumsticks
    Quantity: 6-8 pieces
    Time: 20 min
    Temperature: 180 ° C

    Chicken breast in Airfryer

    Air fryer chicken breasts

    No more dry, bland and overcooked chicken breasts. Enjoy tender and juicy chicken breast cooked in your air fryer.

    Chicken breast
    Quantity: 430 g
    Time: 18 min
    Temperature: 180 ° C

    Chicken drumstick in Airfryer

    Crispy and tender chicken wings

    How to make tender and delicious chicken wings with your air fryer.

    Chicken wings
    Quantity: 6-8 pieces
    Time: 15-20 min
    Temperature: 180 ° C

    Chicken nuggets in Airfryer

    Chicken nuggets

    Crispy homemade chicken nuggets in the air fryer. A favourite enjoyed by both adults and kids! 

    Chicken nuggets
    Quantity: 500 g chicken breast fillets
    Time: 10-15 min
    Temperature: 180 ° C

    What you need

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