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    Tuscan bean soup and other vegetarian bean soup recipes to make at home

    Creating a rich vegetarian bean soup is the perfect heart-warming choice to bring the whole family together. Easy tomato and vegetable soup or tomato and carrot soup may be vegetarian staples, but nothing beats a tasty serving of rustic bean soup when you’re craving something comforting yet nutritious.

    Bean soups aren’t only delicious, but they can also be a great plant-based option for a healthy, balanced diet. Plus, a good vegetarian bean soup works whatever the weather. A rich source of protein†, black bean soup or a mixed bean soup will keep you and your kids fuller for longer. Read on to discover our top bean soup ideas.

    5 simple vegetarian bean soup recipes

    With a fantastic array of vegetables and incredibly easy to make, here are our top 5 all-year round bean soup recipes. They can all be made in under twenty minutes with a soup maker like Philips Viva Collection Soup Maker. No stirring or checking, just filling and delicious no-effort meals for your family!

    Black bean soup recipe


    Black beans are low in cholesterol† - but full of flavour – which means creating a fresh, vegetarian black bean soup is an ideal, healthy choice. Mix them with garlic, tomatoes, and a few spices to create a perfect speedy lunch or dinner.



    • 3 cans of black beans (make sure you keep the liquid)
    • 1 can sweetcorn (with liquid)
    • 500g of tomatoes
    • 2 tsp cumin
    • 50g onions (minced)
    • 2 cloves garlic (minced)
    • 350ml vegetable stock (optional)
    • A few chilli flakes
    • Cilantro to serve



    1. Add the minced onions and garlic to a large saucepan with a dash of oil. Sauté until golden.  
    2. Add the cumin, chilli and tomatoes. Cook for a few minutes longer.  
    3. Next, add the beans and sweetcorn with all the liquid from the cans. Cook over a high heat until it starts to bubble.  
    4. Turn the heat to medium and cook with the lid on for 10 to 15 minutes. Stir every now and then. If you need more liquid, slowly add the vegetable stock.

    When serving, sprinkle chopped cilantro on top.

    Tip: If you’re busy, why not try Phillips Soup Maker? Simply chop and add the ingredients and let them cook away for 18 minutes in the soup maker – no need for all additional pots and pans! Only Philips Soup Maker heats and blends – all in one.   

    For homemade soup for any type of weather, why not try our ideas for winter soups? Alternatively, try the following vegetarian bean soup recipes:

    Tuscan bean soup


    A staple in Mediterranean cooking, a light Tuscan bean soup recipe is perfect for hot days. With delicious nutty cannelloni beans, this bean soup recipe is full of protein, fibre, and iron-rich spinach‡. Once you’ve chopped your vegetables, mix them all together in a soup maker, such as Philips Viva Collection Soup Maker, for a chunky and delicious soup.

    Final Toppings:
    Add freshly chopped parsley right at the end with a twist of fresh lemon juice. Serve with hot bread and butter.

    What you need

    Viva Collection



    Viva Collection SoupMaker


    Enjoy soups, compotes and smoothies in minutes

    The Philips SoupMaker has 5 pre-set programmes for ultimate versatility. Including puree soup, chunky soup, compote and smoothies. You can also use it as a normal blender.

    Enjoy soups, compotes and smoothies in minutes

    The Philips SoupMaker has 5 pre-set programmes for ultimate versatility. Including puree soup, chunky soup, compote and smoothies. You can also use it as a normal blender.

    Mixed bean soup


    A classic minestrone soup mixes beans and greens to create a highly nutritional winter-warming soup for the whole family. It’s got a rich tomato sauce, slow cooked pasta, and chickpeas, making a mixed bean soup packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber*. With no dairy needed, your vegetarian bean soup recipe is perfect for vegans, too.

    Added extras:
    Sprinkle chili flakes in right at the end (not too many!) to give this recipe an added kick.

    Spicy red lentil and spinach soup

    Incredibly light, yet filling, an easy to whip up red lentil soup will keep you feeling full until your next meal. Use a soup maker to simply add all the ingredients and let the magic happen. Perfect for busy days when you want something healthy and substantial for dinner.

    Final toppings: This soup has a fantastic mix of chili and fresh ginger. Add a generous dollop of yogurt and some freshly cut chives to make this soup recipe extra creamy!


    Now you can enjoy a vegetarian bean soup for flavoursome and balanced meals to keep you full of beans all year round!


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