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    What is an air fryer? FAQs about how to cook with an air fryer answered

    Be it crunchy chips, a yummy roast chicken, juicy spareribs or even a delicious apple pie – you can prepare all of these delicacies easily with a hot air fryer. But, what is an air fryer and how do air fryers work?

    This article will answer these and other frequently asked questions around how to cook with an air fryer, as well as give you a few tasty recipes to try at home in your own air fryer.

    A simple guide to hot air cookers and answers to FAQs

    Frying, grilling, cooking, roasting and baking; there are so many things an air fryer can do with hot air. Using your air fryer, you can prepare numerous different dishes with very little or no oil at all. If you like cooking with oil but are looking for a healthier option that deep frying, then cooking with an air fryer is the way to go.

    If you want to know about the difference between using an air fryer, deep fryer, and oven, check out our comparison guide.

    What is an air fryer?


    An air fryer is a small convection oven which can sit on your kitchen counter and simulate the effects of deep frying without the mess or smell.

    How do air fryers work?


    Hot air circulates at a speed of 70km/h in the basket of the fryer which then distributes the heat evenly in the appliance.

    Top tip: Air fryers from Philips have a special floor design, which allows for the hot air to be swirled up again and create an even cooking effect. Perfect for everyone who likes fast, delicious results.

    How healthy are air fryers?


    Research has shown that fried food can contribute to high blood pressure, obesity and more, so many of us look for healthy ways to enjoy this tasty treat.† The great thing about cooking with an air fryer is that using little to no oil is a much healthier option while still giving you the same delicious, fried food you crave. Appliances like the Philips Airfryer range uses up to 90% less fat, great for those looking to enjoy fried foods without the excess fat content being added to their diet. Plus, using an air fryer can reduce your calorie intake – a win all round.

    What you need

    How long do chips need in a hot air fryer?

    Chips are without doubt one of the UK’s favourite side dishes. Unfortunately, they also come with a lot of calories and saturated fats if prepared in a traditional deep fryer. In a hot air fryer, on the other hand, you can prepare frozen as well as homemade chips with very little or no fat at all.

    Top tip: No matter which version you prefer, chips will need maximum of 25 minutes to cook.

    What else can a hot air fryer do?


    As already mentioned, with a good hot air fryer, such as the Philips Viva Collection Airfryer, even grilling, cooking, and baking works perfectly. Thanks to the high temperature and short cooking time the meat will stay nicely juicy and tender. Whether meat, vegetables or desserts, a Philips Airfryer offers the right temperature for every dish, so that you can prepare your favourite meal low in fat and above all fast and easy.

    Are air fryers really worth it?


    If you are conscious about your diet, you probably want to avoid unnecessary fat when cooking. A hot air fryer is hence a good alternative to a deep fryer that’s using fat. In addition to this, air fryers don’t produce any nasty frying smells and you don’t have to worry about the disposal of old cooking oil. Even cleaning is easier with a hot air fryer – all removable parts are usually dishwasher-safe.




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